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Guest Posting contributor

We welcome everyone that wants to contribute guest blogging on our site about branding, social media, digital marketing, media coverage, and growth hacking to write for us.

– High-quality article 1.000 words minimum;
– Articles should be plagiarism free and need to pass the plagiarism check provided by;
– Articles need to be relevant to branding, social media, digital marketing, media coverage and growth hacking.

Q. Do you publish all the articles you receive?
A. We don’t. We are very meticulous about what we publish on our site. We only publish articles with quality content that we think might interest our readers.

Q. Do you charge for publishing the articles?
A. We don’t charge anything, however, we do provide a small fee to cover the cost for proofreading the articles and for their publication. Please consider that we go through 10 to 20 articles daily.

Q. Is this a once collaboration?
A. We hope not. We love writer passionate about marketing and media coverage at the point of – in a few cases – even offered them pay to write for us (particularly PR guides).

Q. How to get started?
A. Send an email to [email protected], or submit the form here on the right side of this page with your info. We will get back to you in an average time of 24 hours.

Q. Who is your audience?
A. Startups, ICOs (Initial Coin Offer) companies, established companies looking for placements, particularly in the tech and services industries.

Q. How long does it take for you to publish the article?
A. We normally publish the articles within a business day.

Q. Once published, will the article be removed from your site?
A. No, we never remove articles.

To get started please submit the form on the right side of this page, or either way, send an email to [email protected] we will get back to your inquiries in within 24 hours.

Submit the form below to get started with your guest posting contribution.
We will get back to your request within 24 hours.

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