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Security Token Offering (STO) Marketing.

Helping ICOs, STOs, IEOs crowd sales succeeding through proven marketing and PR specific strategies.
We are not an overnight born PR agency trying to make a profit of the crypto buzz.
We have been helping traditional business for years, and now, we make this knowledge available for blockchain-based businesses.

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STO-marketing bets on ambition

The explosion of cryptocurrencies and their new features has caused many people to be interested in previously unexplored concepts. Let’s remember how issues such as Blockchain were utterly unknown to the public a few years ago but, due to the boom in their prices, many today are studying this technology and seeing how it can be applied in various fields of society.

For many PR agencies and marketing agents, these undisputed spaces in “developing” markets are often difficult to distinguish because they require research and learning; breaking preconceived schemes that may go against a nascent idea.

However, this openness to evolution and growth has proven to be very positive for us at GoodNoon, and also for all our customers, since it has allowed many projects to be carried out, bringing benefits for investors and even for society in general.

Such is the case of the Security Token Offerings. The STOs have found their place in the cryptosphere, and entrepreneurs around the world have begun to offer security tokens in the hand of their projects and services. Consequently, we decided to create a specialized marketing service for this specific method of fundraising.

GoodNoon’s scheme

As we mentioned before, the exponential growth of STOs has not left indifferent to a sector as important as that of digital advertising. From GoodNoon we have been able to channel startups ready to launch their STOs and help them to sell their tokens better after applying techniques of modern business marketing. We want to offer you the exact outcome.

Although we are not part of the advertising pioneers in the area, we established our own division where we have allowed ourselves to collaborate with experts, grow and differentiate our services from ” traditional” marketing standards. Thus, the quality of the results we present has no competition.

Such a standard has allowed us to save all that “trial-and-error” business perspective and go directly to dynamics that work, apart from the stability of the decentralized market and the rest of the proposals out there.

Marketing Fundamentals

One of the fundamental parameters of our methodology lies in the fact that like any project joining a trend, it is advantageous and recommendable to start while there is still a significant flow in the market. In this way, your project can draw on the evaluation of the competition, follow what it does well and improve what is failing.

We know your target audience. Today there is plenty of first-time investors available, looking for the ideal investment – our duty is to present yours as the perfect option. Through our content marketing strategy (news portals, authority publications, and social networks), we create a relationship between your project and the mass of potential investors. What resources do we use? The following are the actions that we incite through the campaign:

  • Most of the first-TIME investors don’t know much about the world of cryptography. They are here only to buy tokens because they listen to everyone purchase cryptocurrency. However, the main reason for them to buy should be the name of your initiative.
  • They would be happy if they had many coins, that is. Instead of buying 1 token for $ 100, they would like to have 1000 coins for 10 cents each. The amount speaks for itself! And the difference is in both the construction of the message and the disposition of your offer – which should botch meet in the middle.
  • They go to different groups and crypto-oriented communities and follow the advice. Behind these recommendations will be our strategy. Additionally, the advantage of your resource being a Security Token Offer is that we can highlight the attributes such as the backup of the initial investment and the stability of the asset when compared to the rest.

In summary, our internal team generates awareness and brand recognition through practical strategies to ensure that your business stands out in an increasingly crowded market.

We focus on the integral positioning and discard paid advertising because, in the digital age, users openly reject said methodology. Instead, we distribute PR, features (articles entirely centered around your project) and mentions (articles that discuss your proposal as part of another subject) in relevant publications. The purpose is that it is the community itself feels responsible for replicating the information and generating a reputation towards your STO.

Listings and valuations

Another strategy that we implement is to connect your STO to platforms such as Coinschedule, to begin your qualifications and your exposure to the crypto-oriented community. The goal with this is rooted in the principle that STO-classifications (like those of ICOs) appear every day. Accumulating valuations generates additional traffic.

Is it worth leaving your project in the hands of GoodNoon?

Both you and the rest of your team will always have the option of promoting the project as part of internal project policy. However, not to rely on GoodNoon can result in lost time, decreased application on essential elements of the corporate management involved in launching an STO, and lack of any guarantee.

Meanwhile, if you are part of the group of entrepreneurs who hate losing and uncertainty, you are ready to entrust your project to us, the professionals. We currently work with several cryptocurrencies and STOs development companies, and we are proud to say that these are successful proposals.

Practically from the first marketing strategies implemented, we would achieve that many stakeholders join the STO. On the other hand, the launching of the security currency in the exchanges will be supported by media coverage, advertising and external corporate investment (new collaborators).

To not miss any important progress in terms of STOs, IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) or ICOs, you can take a look at our blog. On the other hand, to get in touch with our team and start preparing the campaign together, feel free to click on the “Contact” section.

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