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Publicity Guide

Raise Brand Awareness, Develop Media Relations and Earn Media Coverage


1. Introduction to publicity: Why your company needs media coverage

2. Media placements formats: Press Releases Vs Mentions Vs Features

3. Domain Authority and reputation management

4. Media Coverage and SEO: how mentions and backlinks help your rankings in Google

5. Getting featured in large media: Content marketing optimize for publicity.

6. Personal Branding & Company Branding: Customer loyalty, Engagement, Is branding for small companies or large companies?

7. Journalist outreach: get featured in large publications.

8. Branding and social networks: Creating a social media plan, how to succeed with an inbound marketing campaign, active social listening.

9. Choosing the right PR Firm


——Often Asked Questions——


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How do I get featured in New York Times, Bloomberg or TechCrunch?

How can I improve my online reputation?

Do Press releases help SEO?

How do I get a backlink from Wikepedia?

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