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PR firms in Alabama

Public Relations firms and media outlets contacts in Alabama

Public-Relations-AlabamaBefore getting to the main topic of this page, that is Public Relationships Firms in Alabama, I first want to start off explaining what PR is. Sometimes there is confusion between PR and advertising, even though they are two very different things. PR is meant to shape and maintain the messages that a company sends out to the public, they do that because they want to control how the public perceives them; it’s all about image. It has nothing to do with advertising, because it’s really about making controlling how your image is shown, making sure that your messages are broadcasted in the best possible way. PR, in short, is the control of how your company is portrayed. All types of companies hire PR firms and publicists, bigger ones normally have their own internal PR teams, rather than outsourcing it to an external agency.

When you work on your PR plan there are some activities you need to do. The first thing is looking at your press activities done the previous year thus verifying:
1. what worked and what didn’t work. And for what worked identifying the period of the year, basically when you got a lot of press activities;
2. what kind of press activity got you a better return. Which have been your best media channels?
3. look at which activities got the most press
4. list down which journalists or writers actually worked with you to create those stories.

Essentially want to do is to learn from everything that you did right last year in order to achieve the same success in the current year. Particularly look at what you journalists wrote about you and contact them again, look at which activities you got you more attention and repeat the same activities this year. Look at the time of the year that you got more press.

You want to look at your business calendar in order to get a clear understanding of what is going on in your business. Look first look at your business calendar and depending on what is scheduled for your business choose these that seems to you press-worthy. Those are the news you want to pitch to the right journalists and media.

So once you have a list of that news you want to have covered by the press, what comes next is to create a media list. A media list is a list of press contacts from different publications, thus different media outlets where you would like to have your brand mentioned or featured.

List of Public Relations firms in Alabama

Customers like information that is personalized and sent through the right channels and at the right time. The key for succeeding in PR is you believing in all of the brands that you work with taking their services to heart and strongly wanting them to succeed. Think of it as your own business, and never allow them to fail. Do everything for them to achieve the results that they are looking for, and hopefully better. Be always positive and moving forward creating the best PR experience for your clients.

Top 10 PR Firms in Alabama

Agile Brands
Black Benak
Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment
Frankly Speaking Communications
Green Olive Media
Helen2o: Fluid Communications
KC Projects
Panorama Public Relations
Peritus PR
Stephen Bradley & Associates
The Hawthorn Group, L.C.
The Lollar Group
Y Media Works, LLC

Alabama Top News

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Top Media Outlets in Alabama

The Alabama Baptist Birmingham, Alabama, US Newspaper
Alabama Heritage Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US Magazine
Alabama Living Montgomery, Alabama, US Magazine
Alabama Magazine Birmingham, Alabama, US Magazine
Alabama Messenger Bessemer, Alabama, US Newspaper
Alabama Political Reporter Montgomery, Alabama, US Online/Digital
Alabama Public Television Birmingham, Alabama, US Television
Alabama School Journal Montgomery, Alabama, US Journal
Alabama Today US Newspaper
Business Alabama Mobile, Alabama, US Magazine
The Citizen of East Alabama Phenix City, Alabama, US Newspaper
The Southeast Alabama Gazette Enterprise, Alabama, US Newspaper
WOOF-FM (Dothan, Alabama) Dothan, Alabama, US Radio
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