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Marketing Tips to Boost Your Law Firm Online in 2019

Traditional forms of marketing – TV and radio adverts, billboards, pages in magazines, and flyers – are all fading into obsolescence as online marketing steams ahead as the most popular outlet for companies. Not only can businesses now reach a much wider audience, but they can also do so all from the convenience of a computer screen.


That’s not to say that all business owners are as tech-savvy as each other. The fast pace at which online marketing is developing makes it difficult to keep up and can leave those who fail to update their strategies lagging behind. So, with that in mind, here are some top tips for boosting your law firm online to maximize your chances of success.


Create a professional website

First and foremost is the critical step of designing a website that will impress potential clients. Like a shop front, it needs to stand out, be attractive to the target audience, and help people quickly understand the business. Browsing online is a highly visual experience, which means that when considering style it must match the service you are offering.

It’s important to note that too much information or poor quality images can put people off immediately. A user usually decides if they’re interested in a website within 15 seconds which means that you have a very narrow window of opportunity to make an impression and convince clients that your service is the best available.


Optimize your content for search engines

Once you have launched your website, it would be nice to think that you could just sit back and let the customers roll in. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. To reach the top of people’s search results you will need to employ a marketing technique, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This entails a number of different factors, including link-building, specialized content, and a responsive mobile website.

While some are lucky enough to have extensive knowledge of how to maximize SEO, if you are running a law firm, you are probably not going to have the time to dedicate towards it. A better idea is to refer to companies such as Operation Technology, who deal specifically with SEO marketing strategies to boost your company’s online visibility.


Start a social media page

A report published by Global Web Index found that browsing social media accounted for two hours and twenty-two minutes of the average user’s day, with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube the favorite choices among them. For a marketer, that signifies a substantial opportunity every day to plug a firm’s brand, whether via adverts, videos or specifically targeted posts.

Launching a social media page is a free and effective way of regularly distributing content and attracting a group of followers. It gives people a chance to find out more about your firm, share interesting posts, and easily refer your company to acquaintances. Keeping followers updated with promotional offers and news also helps create a good level of brand recognition.



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