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How to Make Wonderful Promotional Content

With more and more of our lives spent online – consuming news, views, and entertaining media – it’s clear that in the marketing game, content is king. With a healthy variety of content lighting up your social media channels and spotted around your company or personal website, you’ll be able to draw in web users, entertain them, and leave them better informed and more engaged with your brand. This guide is all about how you can create this media in order to leverage it for marketing purposes, whether for a company, a personal portfolio, or everything in between.


Traditional textual content might be a dying art, shunned in favor of multimedia options like video and ‘meme’-type material, but if you have information to transmit to web users, you cannot go wrong with a little text. In order to make it that bit better-written and engaging, it’s best to leave textual content creation to your writing pros. Failing that, you can easily outsource to the vast army of freelance writers that are based on freelance ‘gig work’ websites across the internet. Remember, when it comes to great textual content, it’s not just what you’re saying – it’s how you’re saying it.


People across the world are increasingly turning to video content (most often hosted on platforms like YouTube) to promote their business or brand. It’s here that you’ll need to engage all of your editing skills in order to turn raw footage into something tight, entertaining, and informative. Check out the discount codes for filmmakers online that’ll help you find the right software to edit your pieces, turning even the amateur videographer into someone with the requisite skills to produce knock-out video content for promotional purposes.


Just as with video, the following for some of the world’s favorite podcasts has skyrocketed in the past half-decade. More and more people are consuming articles, long-form journalism, comedy, and other content via their audio devices – often on the commute to and from work. Here is your chance to produce content that entertains and promotes, creating an extra medium for your marketing. Ensure that your podcast hosts are engaging, chatty and fun and that they’re recording on professional-quality microphones, with audio editing facilities, in order to avoid that grainy, off-putting quality to their voices.


Finally, there’s the humble picture. A picture can be a photo on Instagram with a caption linking to your site, or it can be something that represents your brand or your company’s products, that you incorporate into your wider webpage visual design. There’s nothing more compelling than a picture and, if you think about it, the world’s top social media sites – Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat – are all based on the picture as the foundational piece of content. In order to create great promotional pictures, use a top-quality camera, and use studio-quality editing facilities, so that your visual content is appealing, sharp, and resonant with whichever audience you are able to access.

These four types of content should be the four pillars of your promotional work, helping you get your message out to a larger number of people across the internet.

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