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4 Steps to Being a Sales Expert: Learn How to Say Yes

If you are a salesperson, you need to do whatever it takes to be the best. After all, most sales jobs are commission based, so your ability to close deals will make a big difference in the amount of money you make each month.

Although many people dream of being a salesman like Og Mandino or Billy Mays, the truth is that not everyone inherently has what it takes to seal every deal that they work on. But while this calculated closing ability may not be something that you naturally have, the good news is that it is something that you can learn.

If you are looking to be the best salesperson you can be, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 4 steps to being a sales expert in your industry.

Know Your Craft

The first step that you’ll need to consider as you work to be the best sales expert is taking the time to truly know your product, service, or whatever else it is you are selling. The more that you know about what you are selling, the more smooth your pitch will be when trying to give it to others. This can be very helpful because someone who is familiar with their given craft will sound like an expert, which is something others are likely to take much more seriously when considering making a purchase.

If you fail to know your craft inside and out, it’s likely you’ll end up stumbling upon questions and information as you try and include it in your pitch. Not only will this make you look incompetent, but also put doubt in the buyer’s mind. As a sales expert, your goal should be to eliminate as much doubt as possible. You can do this by knowing as much as you can.

Learn to Truly Listen

We live in a society where it seems as if people always have something to say. Being a salesperson in a digital marketing agency is really hard. This can become a problem because many people have the tendency of waiting their turn to speak, rather than actually taking the time to listen to what the other person is saying.

When you are striving to become a sales expert, you’ll have to quickly learn it’s not just about what you say. Instead, it’s about your ability to listen and understand what the other person is saying. If you find yourself just nodding in agreement and waiting for your turn to speak, then you are going to miss out on subtle cues you could use during your sales pitch. However, if you become a better listener, then you’ll quickly realize you find it easier connecting with your target market and appealing to their needs.

Find a Solution to What They Need

Most salespeople automatically think everyone in the world needs whatever it is they are offering. In some cases, this can be great as the enthusiasm you have for your product or service will shine through when you attempt to pitch it to your target audience. However, one mistake that many salespeople make is that they don’t listen to what the potential buyer actually needs.

Take a car salesman, for example. As he looks to sell a vehicle, he may tell the buyer that it’s a state-of-the-art car with tons of loaded features. However, the buyer may have said at some point during the conversation that they have a family and little kids. Instead of pitching those added features which the car offers, the salesman should instead inform the buyer of how this car will make it easier for them to get their kids to school. In addition, the vehicle might have a certified safety rating that makes it safe for the entire family.

By listening to what your customers say, you’ll have a much easier time finding a solution to what they need. However, if you just go into every sale thinking that you can use the same pitch, you’ll quickly learn it’s ineffective.

Learn As You Go Along

Finally, keep in mind that successful sales experts learn on the job. There is always something new to learn or gain, no matter how long you’ve been in the industry. Even if you know your craft inside and out, you can learn from your target market how to work with people and sell to different types of clients.

There is no such thing as, “knowing it all” when it comes to being a salesperson. Keep this in mind as you strive to be the best sales expert possible, and you’ll see that you continue to grow and be better at what you do. Along the way, you’ll also likely notice a lot more “yes” responses when you apply these four steps.

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