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Personal Branding – Overnight influencer as book bestseller

This case-study is about personal branding. GoodNoon CEO Roberto Liccardo was featured in HuffingtonPost as the author of the marketing BestSeller "The Growth Secret", with very unexpected results!

Roberto was looking into ways to position himself as a marketing influencer. This position would help reach an extended amount of clients and increase the exposure of GoodNoon, a consulting services brand.  


It is of public knowledge that every hour Amazon refreshes its best-sellers list fulfilling the dream of many that aspire to become a best-seller writer. This showcase, however, very often doesn’t result in more sales. But with the proper media coverage, it can boost personal authority and in many cases help to create a reputation as an influencer.


huffpostRoberto’s Huffington Post feature wasn’t meant to boost the book sales. Instead, it was supposed to give exposure as a marketing consultant, picturing him as an influencer. As a leader in marketing consultant will support the promotion of his services sold through the brand GoodNoon. A company that runs with his knowledge but also joins a group of creative and talented workers.


We chose a platform such as Huffington Post to promote the news and giving it the proper media exposure.  That is, of course,  due to the high popularity of this media – that receive every month more than 166.58 million visits, but also because of its “informal” way HuffPost position itself, becoming a perfect platform to generate buzz integrating the news with social media platforms.

The information provided was nothing out of the ordinary for the high reputational platform and will go accordingly to the taste of their public. Huffington Post indeed, besides Combining an off and online presence with their selected audience. It’s not just a newspaper; it’s a blog, a facebook page, a highly shared Twitter account that most people read and pay attention.


Along with personal branding benefits, Roberto received over 160 messages in the 30 days following the feature, mostly from LinkedIn users. These were messages of congratulations, as well as service and consultancy requests.

By the numbers, the effort:

  • 100% lift in personal branding;
  • over 200 messages received, among other scopes requesting consultancies or services;
  • among the top 500 recognized influencers in Marketing, PR & Growth Hacking.

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