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Jovani – 100% Organic Traffic increase in 2 weeks

Jovani is a fashion brand based in the heart of New York City’s Garment District. Their specialty: dresses. They hold diverse types of dresses for different occasions that suits every woman. No matter your taste and style, one of their dresses will catch your eye. With over three hundred thousand unique visitors each month at their website,, and over 1,500 stores worldwide, Jovani surely is a leader in the fashion and dresses designing industry.


Holding a strong presence in the fashion industry, it was Jovani’s goal to mark their brand in the digital world as well. The company was contemplating a way to improve its presence in the e-commerce space and to establish its name at the heart and mind of all the public.

When we were approached by in December, the site was receiving about 150,000 unique visits per month. The company was looking into ways to increase their number of visitors, as well as how to better establish its presence in the market as a prom dress retailer.

The screenshot below represents the number of visits the site had in 2017 before we lead the project- The shown peak is a clear demonstration and contrast of the increased number of visitors who landed on the site starting from January 2018.

All these results because of our contribution.


SEO represented Jovani’s first source of user acquisition. The company was, of course, looking to improve it’s ranking on Google, particularly regarding the keyword “prom dresses.”

This keyword according to Google Keyword Planner registers over 1,000,000 monthly searches. It was our mission to redirect all these Google users to the company who can better fulfill their requirements: Jovani.


The company had an on-site SEO specialist and was looking into ways to increase their rankings through high-quality authority backlinks and high-reputational article-features.


To achieve Jovany’ objectives, we combined high authority backlinks content-based, with mentions and features in very high-end publications. We not only promote the brand but improve their relevance online. Here are some examples:

  • Harvard Blog;

Using Google advised techniques and brand awareness campaigns, we have been able to boost the site’s domain authority and improve its product credibility in the eyes of potential clients and search engines. Keep in mind that most, maybe all, netizens use Google to obtain information about the brand and the products they want. It’s our commitment to drive their offline reputation to their potential online clients.


Along with branding benefits, Jovani quickly increased rankings in Google, reporting a 100% organic traffic increase in only two weeks.

Among the others, the results achieved:
– positioned number 9 for Prom Dresses (over 1m monthly searches)
– placed in rank 7 for Homecoming Dresses (over 300k monthly searches)
– number 6 for Gold Dresses (over 30k monthly searches)


By the numbers, the effort:

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