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DEEP AERO: ICO pre-sale campaign to increase awarness

Deep Aero is an autonomous drone economy powered by AI & Blockchain. Their highly advanced products offer the possibility of 180 degrees change for the urban transportation system. Drones, a demanded merchandise nowadays, is the star of this revolution providing aviation and cargo delivery to everyone at any corner of the world.


Deep Aero wanted to get people to know about their revolutionary system and make a name for themselves. One of the difficulties that Deep Aero facing is being a new ICO, unknown to the world. Even though they had a website, they need it more traffic and engagement; they were present, but no one was looking out for them.

It can be an intense battle for ICOs when you are competing with other similar concepts, and for them, brand awareness comes often as a challenge.

We immediately thought that the best way to do it was leveraging virality, best if utilizing a visual material that would catch attention.


To help improve their brand awareness the answer was simple. We create a basic infographic, illustrating the innovative Deep Aero solution.  We gave to this a broad coverage in tier-one tech publications. Some of them include:

  • Market Watch
  • Forbes
  • Yahoo Finance
  • BW Businessworld

These communications in top-ranked portals help along raising the brand exposure and highlight all the products’ main features helped in getting the infographic viral. Not only people were starting to know the brand but beginning to recognize that they can, too, be part of this change. 

Only on Pinterest the infographic received almost 500k daily impressions and got ranked among the most viewed infographic for all month of March 2018. 


By the numbers, the effort:

– Almost 500k daily impressions only in Pinterest
– 109% average increase in ranking position for 17 tracked head term keywords
– 1.440% growth in referral traffic
– 900% increase in social media channels
– 300% more in pageviews

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