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How to strengthen the Web design of your SME from today

The category of marketing devoted to the design of Web pages has been venturing increasingly into providing a well-rounded environment with which companies want to set a quality content and attractive tone between the brand and the customer.

Web design is vital for a consumer in all types of markets to decide whether to make a purchase or not – either for a service or product. It is at this point where the importance of having an efficient website lies: engaging users with an offer using aesthetic and creativity.

From a marketing point of view, here at GoodNoon, we have concluded that recognizing the current trends in digital marketing – especially at the beginning of the year – benefits the purpose of achieving goals in the industry.

Following, we will talk in depth about the aspects of Web design that will set the tone for 2019, while you and the rest of the team behind the brand that you represent will decide in which order to proceed:

On which platform do you want the brand to succeed first?

We decided to begin our list with what we believe will be the most convenient marketing approach, due to the high saturation that exists. Web design should take advantage of resources of storytelling to boost your campaigns and what defines the brand — aspects such as betting on mobility, video format or accessibility.


It’s not just about promoting; you must offer an element of value.

According to The Huffington Post, the advertising budget for 2019 will break the 300 trillion dollar barrier this year. That means the most influential companies are not only echoing the benefits of their services or products but also allocating their capital on adding substance to the proposal.

Making an open call for people to respond genuinely is indeed, possible; as long as the stories meet two objectives: commercial and value. Strategic storytelling techniques are capable of making brands stand out from their competition by integrating virtual resources.

What are the advantages of your company concerning the competition?

All enterprises have particular virtues that can be better translated  in one way or another to the online panorama. Do you own a restaurant? Are you the leader of a blockchain project? The kind of resources you need to use depends on the answer to this question.

Knowing how to recognize the different characteristics that make up your brand will be the difference between an unsuccessful online strategy and a successful one. As an extra note, for a growing company, analyze your team to know if the staff is ready to carry out the marketing task or if you will need a PR Agency specialized in this field – a tip: PR services are more than affordable!

Which brings us to the next point…

Compensate the “youth” of your brand with astuteness

Now that you have made a thorough evaluation of your team, it’s time to assign roles that contribute to the development of your Website. A well-structured company will have a better outcome than one that only relies on its solution.

Create an action plan based on the campaign

A projection not only forces you as a CEO or executive to inaugurate a digital resource as it can be a website but also focuses the marketing strategy on a process that is in constant interaction with clients. The task becomes relevant when we realize that from this interaction we can establish automation that helps maintain live procedures.

“If there are so many channels to get your message, why do I need a website?

As we have said throughout this article, a company must be able to position its brand and sell products; and the correct way to do it is via advertising. A Web page doesn’t work just as another means by which to sell, but it is the consummation of all your campaign and strategy in a single portal.

It has happened to you that you feel interested in a product on Social Media, but doesn’t have a Web page? If the answer is affirmative, you already know how far that intention of purchase went. A Web page, and more specifically, a good one, is the last frontier between your potential client and your product or service.

We close this article by inviting you to read the rest of our material, which we hope will broaden your perspective on the necessary counterparts to guarantee your company will have a polished advertising strategy. And also, resort to our expert services entering here:

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