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Top 10 media coverage strategies for your business in 2019 [With Infographic]

Creating a startup is not something that is taken lightly, in doing so you must have the responsibility to manage your brand, business or product. The first thing you should do when wanting to build a beneficial image for your brand is a strategy. In it, you should consider the communication of your e-commerce, a marketing plan, an email marketing strategy and, above all, your media coverage, which will be your best advertising.

Every communication strategy is based on a reliable media coverage plan. Because it acts as the cover letter that you will show before the eyes of the world. It is what you want to display about your brand, its pros and cons, the advantages and, above all, the value that you return to the public.

The success of media coverage lies in the content you plan to disseminate and in what kind of media you will transmit it. To do this, you must decide which is the audience to which the message would go and with which media you want to approach. Also, in this digital strategy, you must make clear the objectives of the campaign. In short, you can not leave anything to chance, think meticulously in the next step you will take while never stop thinking about the current one.

Therefore it is essential to plan with time the digital strategy, because not always the media, whether traditional or online, will be at your disposal. You must make a calendar with approved times and availability of different sources. Remember that whatever you are going to publish, whether articles, press releases or editorials, requires planning and production, otherwise it will not have the desired impact, nullifying all your work.

The correct procedure of this new strategy will leave you much more room to negotiate prices, which can lead to the return of your investment.

As we mentioned above, correct media coverage will achieve better advertising for your product than the same promotion. But with the benefit of lower costs and better information about your brand, because its impact method not only expresses the function of your brand or product, but it transmits the essence and the way in which it can be used 100%. With this technique, you will leave aside the intrusiveness or the harassment that can be advertising.

That’s why we present ten tactics that will make your startup grow this 2019:

1- Artificial intelligence (AI)
Do not think we are talking about robots or androids, but about an automated learning system. When programmed for repetitive actions, companies are beginning to use them for redundant tasks because they process large amounts of data monotonously, and avoids the use of staff members in an activity that does not require a reason. It saves time and money. By being automated, there is no margin error, causing them to enrich any control or activity. The AI are becoming a mandatory tool for the consumer to have a practical and fast experience.

A clear example is found in the GPS system. Google Maps uses customer’s data in real time from their own phones. Organizations like GPS Insight can help companies shorten the programming window for telecommunications businesses. More importantly, they can allow municipalities to implement emergency response teams and repairs in a crisis, such as a hurricane, in an optimized version.

Expect to see a delivery of more highly personalized content, automated according to the specific person and lifestyle of the consumer.

2- Live communication
The interactions that are transmitted live or face to face with a person are mostly part of the past; now they are done through a Smartphone. In the XXI century, people prefer to interact through social networks. Influential organizations have already realized that the foundations of large communities in social networks generate long-term brand loyalty, creating a profound and close attachment to the brand. In a few these forms of interaction will displace the personal and live way that collected the opinions, praises and discomforts of a brand. It has even been marking significant differences within the same social networks, where a live video has more value than previously recorded video.

However, some companies still think that social networks cannot replace the need that humans have for live and direct communication. They still consider that face to face interactions are more valuable.

By the other hand, many companies will not stop betting on this new way of collecting interactions. Because consumers never disconnect from the virtual world, relationships are built in a faster way between brand and consumer because there is a stronger feeling of familiarity between them.

Some leading companies have already reduced live events because there is no similar change in the value accomplish by social networks. But, the last one has cheaper costs more than the first.

3- Pioneers in the world 2.0
As the youngest generation in the United States, the ones born after 1998, they are just entering their formative years and increasing a new influence in the market. Those belonging to this generation stopped being children and started becoming potential consumers.

The oldest of this generation, known as Gen Z, must be twenty years old. During this age, they start taking more and more leadership strength within organizations. Transforming their ideas into a way of thinking different from what the market had with past generations.

The Gen Z are the first generation born with mobile and intelligent devices. They are the pioneers in everything related to technology. Therefore, by having a completely different thinking, companies and smart brands are working quickly to understand this next generation as employees and, not so future, clients.

4- Better salaries
According to the Society for Human Resources Management, HR managers should expect a three percent increase in wages in all sectors of the industry. In high-demand jobs, such as health care, elderly care and physical therapy, higher salary increases are expected.

It’s a formula, a better salary keeps the workers happy, which makes them better at their job, allowing the business to improve, and with it the increase in profits. A kind of vicious circle. Wages have been stagnant for some years, and with the unemployment rate at almost the historical minimum of 4.1% of the workforce, employers will feel pressure to adjust compensation to attract and retain quality workers.

5- Social learning overcomes distance learning
Now, the employees no longer work in the offices. Companies have found a way to keep their workers connected and develop their talents remotely. One modality that has gained popularity among corporate training programs is social learning.

This education is the learning process through social interaction between peers. The study estimates that fifty percent of companies already use social learning in some way, and two-thirds plan to use it in the future. It is easy to understand why. Social learning promotes autonomy and self-direction, which increases the general participation. It can also be a welcome diversion of online courses, which can be isolated and solitary experiences that lack commitment because students do not feel the presence of their peers during the lesson.

6- Live content gains momentum
Customers are no longer happy with impersonal and generic marketing, making it seem that everyone is selling the same material, even though the video format has become a necessary component for successful companies. While large companies have achieved success remotely, clients demand real connections, with real people, rejecting simple videos where people can be seen interacting and living, and not graphs or numbers as they usually do in the majority of businesses.

According to Nick Losq, founder and creative director of StarBeast, “video is the easiest way to digest in a landscape now dominated by smartphones.” And when a company starts adding a “live” component, it presents real people, real-time, it has the power to connect with consumers in a personal and honest way, allowing companies to separate themselves from their competitors. Live video has the ability to give many companies a face and a soul.”

Audiences, as we express lines above, prefer that companies transmit live videos to establish a human connection. The transmission of product launches or the Q&A sessions are becoming an elementary part of a direct marketing strategy. To get positive results companies will continue on this path.

The thermometer of this trend is in the audience, eighty percent of people prefer to watch a live video than to read a blog, while eighty-five percent prefer these to watch these format through a social network. It’s estimated that in the near future, companies that dedicate more specialization and production in live videos will reign any type of market.

7- Consumer change
In these times, the biotype of a client has changed. Gone are the customers who went from store to store to ask for information and specifications about a product or service. Today’s buyers are sophisticated consumers, who already know all the specifications of the product because they have already researched and satisfied their needs through their website. They examine the companies visiting their social networks and they are building an image of it, for better or worse. By doing their due diligence and reducing their doubts to zero, the users come to the seller familiar with the characteristics, options, and prices of their desired product.

This change in consumer-style when buying represents a great challenge for marketing specialists, that as we enter 2019, we will continue to see that these purchase models are updated and improved.

Although they do not always buy, consumers live in constant learning about a product that interests them, so these websites should not only target buyers but all people who navigate through your site. Take as a priority a more dynamic and friendly web.

8- Problems drive better results
The client no longer worries about the solutions that your product or service can offer them instead they get carried away by the problem it solves. Companies that have focused on challenges that help their clients overcome a problem instead of focusing on the products and services they offer have experienced explosive growth. This is valued by the customer to a large extent.

Companies must change the marketing message it conveys. Instead of talking about characteristics, which is very common, focus on the problems the product or service solves.

9- New experts
Technology, as it expands, will interrupt large companies to have to rethink the concepts that had already set. Given this, customers will increasingly depend on startups to educate, guide and advise. While your client can get information about your company’s products and services on your website, they can not understand how your solution could meet their needs.

10- Blockchain
The Blockchain is almost not used by companies, which is a severe mistake. As some experts argue, as happened with the take-off of social networks at the end of the last decade, several companies did not view Twitter or Facebook as an impact tool to their business. This hesitation caused that they joined this advance lately.

Like that example, the obstacles will not be overcome overnight, the blockchain will allow new digital transactions that will interrupt the operation of traditional companies such as authentication of documents and the search for titles.

Whatever strategy you want to use in your startup, do not take it lightly. This is the beginning to realize a fruitful path full of profits and success. Not all beginnings are easy, remember that mistakes are only to teach you new things. Do not throw the towel at the first inconvenience.

A correct management of PR is key to the awareness of the company and to expand the visibility of the brand. You will achieve a much stronger bond with your audiences and you will protect yourself from possible detractors. The marketing industry is constantly changing, even if we do not have a crystal ball to predict what will work or not in the future, but the new strategies that are shaping up for 2019 sound and look tempting for any PR expert.

The experience you have or the confidence you place in a PR company with the required experience will be essential for your brand to shine next year and the years to come, because once you manage to take off, no one will stop you.


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