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Tips for upcoming millennial marketers

The behavior of PR agencies and brands has changed dramatically over the last few years. In the past, big names in the industry were looking for marketers with experience, people faithful to a certain kind of strategy; Nowadays, the picture looks very different, and the relevance that these employees have with the companies, has transcended to new dimensions.

After the job opportunities, millennials have found with the management of digital resources – developing the relationship between brand and users -, talent management has become more necessary than ever.

Here at GoodNoon, we believe that it is essential to know which are the lessons that other professionals can take, so we decided to summarize in 5 strategic points:


  1. Manage your brand in social networks

The traditional resume has begun to lose value as proof of your skills, as recruiters now pay attention to your digital profile, to discover what your skills are – not only personal but creative with which you are supposed to perform in the workplace.

If you are a candidate in a marketer vacancy, it is evident that your social networks and the weight of your exclusive brand are decisive to outline the value you will have in the company that seeks to fill that space.

Through content, many professionals have discovered that their value generates demand in social networks, they learned to become the best example of how through “stories,” a publicist has become the most popular media planning specialist worldwide.


  1. Incarnate the digital nomads

A laptop is enough (for now) to manage the work generated by a team or small department, and that is why companies have begun to look at digital nomads as a key human resource.

The digital nomads are professionals who manage their talent through the internet, so they do not need to stay in a fixed place and focus their work on traveling the world while doing their tasks in coworking areas, the beach or the homes they rent.

Many companies bet on these profiles because they have a different perspective when they appreciate situations that present human resources in the host city of the company in question usually cannot solve.


  1. Adaptive learning

As expressed by The Huffington Post, the updating of professional skills was first turned to mentoring, and now this has evolved into a concept known as “adaptive learning,” with which companies can design specific strategies.

With these, they bet on generating new knowledge in their work teams, but under the concept of expertise designed according to the personal needs of each of those who work in the company.


  1. Grow into a data translator

The profession of interpreting data, mastering Big Data reading tools and knowing what insights to study has made the business of data narrator grow and being increasingly interesting for a higher number of professionals.

Learning to narrate data gives you the opportunity to increase your understanding of the business in which you work and discover patterns from which you can begin to develop a creative work – a principle that we apply in GoodNoon and always seek to preach in our clients.


  1. Study skills

Campaigns that call for action through new devices such as smart speakers have forced us to study new activities that look to detonate the opportunity offered by the development of skill for Alexa speakers, for example.

Through digital activity you can be present among these early majority consumers, who have integrated these devices into their lifestyle, giving you the opportunity to not only raise awareness of your brand by developing this tool, but that of your project grow, communicate with them through these devices with stories and information that is relevant to their activities.



For millennials looking to create their own space among a sea of ​​competitive professionals, the phrase that summarizes this entire article is “Become an expert in everything.” To be relevant in the landscape of advertising and PR, not only do you have to put into operation an effective content plan, but you have to get to know the audience, identify their interests. In this way, you get something more specific with what you can work with.

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