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Public Relations Strategies For Service Companies

In the commercialization of tangible products, there is no direct relationship between the consumer and the producer since it is distributed through intermediaries, but it is easier to measure when a product is well accepted or not. On the other hand, if a company wants to know the behavior of the consumer in front of its service, it should invest in public relations since the relationship between the business and the user is direct and personal.

The Public Relations strategies based on the characteristics of the services are:

– Make the product tangible.

– Identify the service.

– Use personal means of promotion.

– The quality of service

– Customize the service

– Consolidate a corporate image.

Make a product tangible

How To Sell Intangibles? If the service does not have a tangible support, some tangible quality must be created that is easy to perceive by the user that determines the quality of the service and the benefits it brings. Physical evidence is substantial that is related to the real service to be rendered, and that shows the variety of services which any company often competes within the same niche.

Given the provision of a service should not be expected to make an error to verify the effectiveness of its operation should always anticipate and have solutions to solve the mismanagement of it.

Service Companies

Identification of the service

This is another way of making tangible service is done through an association of brands, symbols or people.

Every service must necessarily be identifiable with a name or brand that differentiates it from the competition. The name of the company can be a brand, which is more than just a word. It involves the integration of symbols, colors, slogans, and all applied for the transmission of clear messages to users. In general, it consists of having a corporate image of the company, some uniforms, a logo, a color, furniture. All this must act in parallel to identify the service with the company that makes it.

Use of personal promotion media

The personal sale:

Service to be intangible is a significant relationship between the person who provides a service and the user thereof. Thus, different actions such as empathy, kind treatment, listening, reporting exhaustively and efficiently, must offer the subsequent attention to the service provided.

Personal Media:

Verbal and personal communication is the most effective channel to promote services. The effectiveness of personal care visits and customer follow-up should be taken into account. In relation to the mass media endow the issuing entity with a positive image.

The quality of service

A service can be easily copied since it can be protected with patents, but the concept of quality is difficult to imitate. Quality is the way in which any organization solves a necessity providing its service.

Quality is such an important differentiating factor that it must be rigorously controlled in order to resolve any irregularity predictably. Quality in a service is difficult to measure since it is based on the perception of users and customers.

The quality of a service is a complex process with multiple components: the human factor, technology, communication. There are a set of attributes that are essential for the provision of quality service. It is about the responsibility, the competence, the accessibility, the speed in the service, the credibility, the communication, the courtesy, the knowledge of the client, the personalization, the security, and tangible physical supports.

The achievement by the organization of getting the concept of quality in service is very important, but it is not enough since it is a service that has used it knows the quality of it, but a potential client and not about it he must act through public relations to attract him. If the service provided is not in accordance with what is offered, the client will leave, and this is where the quality of the service manifests itself.

Service Companies

Customize the service

As the market grows and competition increases the consumer of the service becomes increasingly demanding. The client wants to perceive a unique service as if it were a tailor-made suit. Here each employee must become a spokesperson for the philosophy of the company it is a public relations in action.

Consolidate the corporate image

The consolidation of a corporate image by a company so that it differentiates itself in a positive and transparent way with respect to its competition requires a study and an accurate knowledge of its target group. Analyze your needs and adapt to the demand of your target audience, you must also know the threats and opportunities of your environment, and the strengths and weaknesses of your competition and the organization itself.

Public relations carries out a program of permanent actions to create a current of confidence and credibility of the entire company towards all its publics and must adjust the private interest of the service according to the user’s needs.

The actions of public relations include the approximation and adaptation to the public about information about the entity, as well as their persuasion so that they accept the service or their product. In the first place, the points of approach and divergence between the entity and its publics are evaluated through a scientific investigation of these. Public relations will advise on the information to be provided in order to create the base of understanding and trust, and persuasion methods to obtain the support of all its publics.

Public Relations apply the social sciences to a specific problem.

Public relations must carry out strategies that will be assumed by all members of the organization since proper positioning in the sector depends on all of them. There is no point in carrying out external public relations actions if there is a failure in the internal public relations of the organization. Therefore, the application of public relations as a management policy is essential to respond to the different socio-economic demands; other marketing strategies applied to services could be:

– Industrialization of the service.

– Counteracting the perishable nature of the services.

– cross sales with other products.

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