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PR RELEASE: GoodNoon to merge with Social Marketing Institute to strengthen their media coverage services

Published on: DigitalJournal

GoodNoon, a Marketing and PR agency based in San Francisco, has announced that it is merging with Social Marketing Institute, creating a unified service that includes editorial and social coverage. GoodNoon already acquired the Social Marketing Institute domain back in 2017; however, this hasn’t been used for commercial proposes, but rather as an informational blog focusing on the areas of media coverage, social media and growth marketing.

The “Social” Need

GoodNoon CEO, Roberto Liccardo, said that the combined team will “supercharge” their mission of providing their clients not only with editorial coverage – as traditional PR agencies would do – but with a full set of media coverage services. Thus they will be able to offer an integrated approach of PR with influencer marketing, social media and growth hacking, all areas where the Social Marketing Institute excels.

Media coverage is becoming an increasingly competitive area of business marketing. With authority and influencers being the key for developing successful marketing campaigns, every major company is making investments in the vertical. Social influencers and authority journalists are seen as logical ways to introduce their readers to a given product or service.

The decision for GoodNoon to merge with the Social Marketing Institute was designed to better align the two companies, improving the union between PR and marketing. The Social Marketing Institute will provide beneficial insights related to influencers marketing and social distribution, while GoodNoon will be focusing more on their existing PR relationships. This closer collaboration between the teams is intended to create new integration opportunities that will result in better media coverage.

“By working together, we’ll continue to combine media coverage and marketing to give the best exposure for our clients while saving money,” said GoodNoon. “We’ve had a head start on collaborating work closely together since the end of 2017, and we’re excited to merge our websites in a few days’ time.”

A changed market

With crypto gaining a larger part of the financial market every day, the news of the GoodNoon -Social Marketing Institute merger is not surprising. GoodNoon has recently positioned its services towards Crypto and ICO marketing, areas that require a deep integration of PR with social marketing. New media packages have been created for businesses operating in the crypto and Bitcoin space that include mentions and features in large publications as well as social re-distribution and promotion.

As per the words of Sandy Lopez, head of marketing at GoodNoon, “Initial coin offering has become a popular tool for companies to attract investments. During the implementation of an ICO, focusing on the right marketing strategies can make a positive difference in obtaining successful results. There are many marketing companies and agencies out there; however, a very few specialize in Bitcoin marketing. Traditional marketing — meaning marketing for non-crypto business — focus mainly on medium to long-term strategies such as brand awareness, SEO, etc. while crypto business is looking for quick wins and short-term strategies focuses mostly on influencers, media coverage, exposure.”

About GoodNoon

Our team has a greater-than 12-year track record of success in the areas of PR, marketing and growth hacking, and we count a network of over 100 journalists editing for 30 among the largest publications worldwide. With strategic public relations and target-specific marketing programs, we build enduring relationships for your business and brand along the entire value chain. From increasing sales to enhancing reputations, we inspire people to take action, resulting in business growth for our clients. We look at each company’s needs from PR, marketing and communication perspectives and then create programs that are pitch-perfect, capturing the essence of each brand’s mission and personality.

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