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The Power of Online Publication and Media Coverage

Media coverage plays an important role in any company success. People invest lots of money, time and effort to make their companies stand out, to sell their products and services as fast as possible. Be seen in online publications undoubtedly influence the whole purchasing process, adding credibility and authority to your product. Nowadays, people focus more on technology and the openness to information that internet offers.
When people desire to purchase a product or a service, they search for the company’s reputation online. The more high-profile publications mentioned the company’s name, the higher the chances to select that respective company to fulfill their needs. If covered from the very beginning, media coverage can bring great benefits and changes to the way a company is perceived. Visibility will be tremendously increased, the user acquisition strategy will be more efficient than before, the company will generate partner interest and so on. But how do you get there?

It All Starts with Press Releases
The first step towards a complete media coverage would be submitting press releases yourself. Get a good copywriter, organize a start-up event and have them write everything about it. Include details about your company’s specific, what you have to offer, what you promise to respect in the future and what makes your company stand out compared to others. Press releases should be news-like articles that make people wonder what’s special about your company.
Besides giving potential clients information about your newly-launched company, press releases can also help with online reputation. Remaining consistent with submitting press releases during your entire company’s existence is a must. Make sure that each online publication you are submitting to is a trustworthy one. Otherwise, potential clients won’t believe that the information they read is legit and everything will be in vain.

Journalists and Newsjacking
Once they get that they should be active and submit press releases, business owners ask themselves a good question – how do you keep the ideas coming? You can’t participate in fancy events each time you want to submit a press release, so what’s there to do in order not to repeat the same information over and over again? The answer is newsjacking. Newsjacking is a strategy that most journalists use when they are out of original ideas. The process involves reaching out to older news and events and create follow-up pieces. Adding details to existing stories about your company to generate even more attention to it can be a good advice when you face a lack of creativity.

Social Media
Social media can be a great tool to promote high-profile online publications. When you see an article has been published and it gives a positive feedback to your company, sharing it on your personal social media page can help. The goal is to make people believe that your company is as professional as you promised. Without quality media coverage, you won’t be capable to prove that your company’s services and products are worthy to be bought. Use all the instruments you can to help people understand the benefits of using your company instead of other ones.

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