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Hacks for the most powerful video marketing strategy

Hacks for the most powerful video marketing strategy


Strategies in video format can boost companies and their services, and it has become part of your duty as an entrepreneur to identify which options best fit the profile of your brand. After all, it is known that platforms supported by multimedia will dominate the virtual landscape in 2019.

In order to highlight its importance and inspire you on creating a solid audiovisual marketing strategy, here at GoodNoon we will share the hacks for this trend:


In figures, how successful are the video campaigns?

In Tubular Insights was exposed that according to Cisco, this year 80% of internet traffic will be generated in this format, and a lot has to do with the daily terabyte consumption of video through means like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Although, without leaving aside platforms as we should consider there are more options for the brands, like Snapchat and Instagram.

Adding the data collected in social media, 50% percent of Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. Marketing gurus say that the use of YouTube as a search engine introducing the keyword “how” have had an increase of 70%.

And it is not only summarized in external platforms to those of your brand. The conversion rate on landing pages that include video show astronomical figures. But what are the specific strategies that a PR Agency can apply to your brand?


How to turn your company into a pioneer of multimedia

The brands that provide innovations in creativity are emerging at a faster pace than ever, influencing and transforming this segment. With the help of an expert team and the following formats, yours can be one of them:


Video Outstream

So far, brands were forced to publish advertising campaigns inside a video player, which meant that only editors with video content -such as YouTube or Vimeo, for example- could show those ads; what hindered the access and monetization of the material in other platforms at the same time.

External video is a new type of ad format that allows publishers to display video ads outside of real video players, for example, in text line breaks or the corners of a web page.

Brands can now reach the public on websites other than YouTube. They can also guarantee that their videos are really visible since external announcements are played only when they are in view of the internet user.


Live Video

Live videos power the feeling in users to be talking directly to them. This will cause the user to get more involved by making comments and questions in real time.

Businesses can use live videos to publicize new products, make demonstrations, seminars, questions and answers, interviews or live visits. Also, it is free and easy-to-perform format that significantly improves brand awareness.


360º videos

The 360º videos provide potential customers with a unique and highly interactive experience. It’s increasingly being used in video marketing strategies, and this year it will grow even more. With these videos, it is possible to provide users with a more realistic experience.

This type of format is especially interesting for travel companies, although they also have a place in other sectors such as events, promotions, museums or dealerships.


Video marketing for mailing:

Although to this day there are still limitations for the proper integration of videos in emails, video mailing is an excellent option to transmit your message, as it is undoubtedly one of the formats that offer the best results.

Using a quality video with the help of a good copywriting, you can increase the CTR, the conversions and, with it, the sales.


Bumper Ads on Youtube

Bumper Ads are the third and shortest type of YouTube video ad available. With only six seconds per Bumper, these ads appear before the video chosen by the viewer.

Bumper’s video ads are not the best choice to tell a good story – in just six seconds- but they are a great addition to more extensive video campaigns at the launch or event of a new product.

We invite you to check out the rest of our material and guarantee your company will have a polished advertising strategy. Also, resort to our expert services entering here:


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