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Brand positioning in the digital marketing strategy

Brand positioning in the digital marketing strategy


Is the brand positioning relevant in the digital age? In today’s world, a lot of information is exchanged between companies and their audiences every day. Every point of contact that someone has with a brand is an experience. And each audience’s experience shapes their perception of the company.

Our initiative at GoodNoon -being marketing specialists- recognizes the importance of this element. Before tweeting, posting status updates, broadcasting live videos or creating web content, we began by defining brand positioning. Identifying the key experiences of the users is decisive for a company to achieve a high degree of identification from the public.

This premise is the heart of any solid marketing strategy and should be the guiding element to shape the experiences that customers have with a company. This is even more important in the digital space, where companies and the public have countless opportunities to interact.

But, if you are an entrepreneur that you want to soak up knowledge before going to the services of a professional, we have summarized the subject in 3 key points:


The principles of brand positioning

According to The Branding Journal, positioning is the way in which a brand wishes to be perceived in the eyes of its stakeholders, concerning the space it occupies and the value it provides. A strong brand positioning identifies its target audience and what specific needs it has – which the company can meet.

Positioning identifies how a company competes, based on the alternatives available to its target audience, and details why its brand/product/ service stands out and provides value like no other.

In this sense, brand positioning is an internal statement that provides guidance on the general marketing strategy and how it places a brand in the public eye. It is the road map to where you want to reside uniquely in the minds of your target audience.

Strategic positioning is what distinguishes successful companies from all others. By designing a unique positioning, you can focus on what is most important to your business, your brand and, most importantly, to your target audience.


The impact on the online advertising campaign

The thoughts and perceptions of people are created through the unique interactions and experiences they have with a company. From these, it will be determined if a brand is valuable, relevant and unique. Therefore, once a positioning has been established, everything done from that moment on should support it, including digital marketing efforts.

If you want your clients to perceive your brand in a certain way, this behavior must transcend your entire business, including digital channels. These can provide the audience with experiences that will help you form positive impressions about your brand. To do this, make sure that your digital content strategy is aligned with your positioning. So you can have control of your marketing goals and objectives in general.

A company has the opportunity to influence the perception of the public through engaging brand experiences. Social networks offer the main forum for this type of influential commitment. In social media, however, it is not about selling, but about telling stories. For this, an account must interact with the positioning consistently and effectively.


Accessibility and connection

Every point of contact you have with your audience on social channels should support and reinforce the brand image you want to exhibit. Not just once or once in a while. Each one of the communications you make affects your brand perception. Therefore, everything you publish, share, write, tweet, respond, etc., in social networks should have a purpose and align with the positioning. And what is more important: it should always be valuable to your audience.

Brand positioning should never be a last minute idea. It is the element of your marketing strategy that connects everything you do and everything you say. It helps to distinguish the key experiences that will support the way you want to be perceived in the minds of your audience and allows you to configure those experiences in everything you do. It is the definitive place where smart brands should strive to live uniquely.

In GoodNoon we have carried out a redefinition in the processes of a PR agency to shorten the deadlines and get that reflected in the price. If you want to know more about our services, check the rest of our entries or go to our homepage:


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