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Are the influencers a permanent or temporary resource?

Are the influencers a permanent or temporary resource?


It is known that influencers use their popularity to affect public consumption – your target audience, in this case. Although some are famous for their profession, many are a phenomenon born and grown within the internet itself.

Influencer marketing is having its peak moment. But the core strategy is currently taking another course towards a new modality that doesn’t require extreme budgets. Read carefully and reflect with us in GoodNoon about how influencer advertising has changed in 2019.


The democratization of influence

Professionals of the landscape distinguish between three types of influential people, depending on the number of their followers. The mega influencers, when they have more than 500K followers. The regular influencers, between 100,000 and 500,000 followers. And the micro-influencers, which can boast between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. In recent times, however, a new category has risen, the mini-influencers, who don’t reach 10,000 followers. They are ordinary people changing the way companies make marketing on social networks.

The first three types of digital profile have lived through golden years thanks to companies paying large amounts to sponsor their products in their online content. The problem, according to The Independent, is that there are so many influencers and users of social networks are so numerous the ROI begins to suffer a decline.

A person with 100,000 followers can receive a payment of about a $1000 for sponsoring a product in one post. When it comes to millions of followers, the cost to companies can exceed $ 60,000 per publication- which is a lot, maybe too much.


Economic tips from your digital friend

For mini-influencers, what they lack in fame and glamor, they gain in closeness to their followers. They are people who trust them, many times because they’ve been able to meet them in real life. For this reason, companies investing in these type of profiles can have better results applying less effort and capital.

Also, involving a famous person in a campaign can mean getting lost in extensive negotiations. On the other hand, a mini-influencer doesn’t’ usually have great pretensions or existential doubts and, in exchange for a transparent and stable agreement, will promote your brand the exact way you need it.

Agencies like GoodNoon analyze the profiles present in social networks and contact the people needed to propose a collaboration. At the moment, this happens especially in the United States, but it is a tendency that according to many is also destined to reach Europe. To be able to make budget savings for influencers, companies through the PR agency can hire a higher number of people to promote. Allowing managers to coordinate with the agency more efficiently, together, create and manage a high impact strategy.


“It’s not you; it’s them”

It is clear that the strategy of mini-influencers works especially with younger generations, who are already used to seeing people advertising products on social networks. They have internalized the mechanism of online advertising. They no longer believe in the innocence of spontaneity that may have existed on the internet until a few years ago, compared to the old television medium, for example. That is why they trust more in the ordinary people and, besides, they also want to be part of this market.

The doubt about whether influencer marketing is a bubble about to explode is on the table. It is clear that the business works and is an upward trend; But runs into problems such as the inflation of fake followers or the measurement of effectiveness that can remain in superficial concepts. Despite having become an incredibly successful form of advertising, there is a certain tension with the famous influencer model advertising all kinds of products. That is why there is room for a greater triumph of ordinary people with influence.

For a mini-influencer, announcing a product is not a job. But the mere fact of being able to tell their followers that a company has contacted them pleases them and makes them feel important. Difficult times are coming for the VIPs of the network – a kind of digital French revolution, so to speak.


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