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What we do

Brand identities that bring culture and commerce together.

We don’t sell ads.
We don’t do Social campaigns because -in most cases- they are ineffective.
We don’t manage your online marketing campaigns.

We promote companies or individuals via online editorial coverage. We have great relationships with many different journalists in many different industries who work for over 100 of the largest publications worldwide. We can reach out to those editors that align with your campaign goals for the editorial you have chosen. We are so confident about our success in publishing your story that we offer a 100% refund if our efforts don’t result in publishing an article for you: we refuse to let your budget be affected by efforts that don’t yield results!

Find out what we do in 1:50 minutes

Our Process

1. Contact us

Contact us and choose the editorials where you’d like to be placed based on our availability.

2. Approve the article

We will write the article for you, and send it to you for approval. For features, you can send to us your own.

3. Get Published

Once approved, we will be publishing the article/articles and promoting it through our SEO and Exposure services.


It is a full dedicated article to you, and/or your brand, and/or your service. This can also be published as a full interview.

  • Full article dedication
  • Backlink to your site
  • You or your company’s picture posted in the article (allowed only in some publications)
  • You can be the one to write the article and send it to us for evaluation

A sample title of a feature would sound like:

GoodNoon: an award winning marketing agency now changing the rules of PR



This is a paragraph with a mention to you or your company in an article relevant to your company industry.
We currently offer two mention types.

Quote mention: the mention is introduced through a quote from a company representative. Sample:

“When it comes to reputation management, timing is key.”, says Roberto Liccardo, CEO of GoodNoon, an award winning marketing company. “The more reactionary your response appears, the more damaging it is to your reputation. By getting ahead of these things, you can control how they unfold and avoid the dominance of conjectures in the media, instead of cold facts.”

 Brand mention: the mention is introduced only through a backlink. Sample:

For instance, the goodnoon protocol provides a framework for developers to build powerful dapps, enabling everyone to easily authenticate and manage their digital or real-world assets (such as original content, ID, university degree, in-game item or a house) on the blockchain. This can also help with gathering and verifying all types of data, including news and other information shared online.

PR Release & Google News

Let’s face it: results from PR release are very questionable.

This is why in GoodNoon we have chosen to distribute our PR to over 300 top PR sites, but most importantly we guarantee that all our press releases are shown in Google News, appearing in top positions for very competitive keywords.

Our distribution network includes:

  • Financial feeds;
  • TV & Radio News Sites;
  • Newspapers & Major News Sites;
  • Industry News Sites;
  • Regional & Local News Sites;
  • International News Sites

Nowadays, people understand that advertising is paid for by the client and should be viewed with skepticism, while article appearances in respected publications have the advantage of third-party validation and are generally viewed more favorably. We make sure to translate your brand message into positive media stories in order to build credibility, boost your brand and expand your reach.

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