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We know that the world of television can be very big and that getting lost in it the programs such as the game of thrones is very easy. TV Guide Magazine is the perfect guide you need to keep you very well-informed about your favorite series, give you the best recommendations and tell you what is to come so you can always enjoy the best of television.

When you create a TV Guide Magazine profile you can immediately receive all the information you need about your favorite series and shows, you can see them wherever and whenever you want, and if you are a Netflix lover and you want to know everything that is trending, and what It is to come, so do not worry, we will also keep you informed of everything that is happening.

Beginning with the July 17–23, 1954, issue, the listings in each week's issue changed to start on Saturday and end on Friday, which remained the listings format for all local editions until April 2004. The old school also has a space in Tv Guide Magazine Do you want to see that TV series that you liked so much and are not already happening on any TV channel? In Tv Guide Magazine you can also find those old series and programs so you can remember old times accompanied by a big bowl of popcorn, and why not? With a good company.

In Tv Guide Magazine you can watch and follow up on your favorite series, programs, and movies so you do not miss a detail of what is happening and thus be the first to be aware and you will not have to live the nightmare of spoilers.

What are you waiting for to subscribe and join the Tv Guide Magazine family? We have everything you need to know about the world of television and movies in one place, so do not think twice and enjoy television as a professional, believe us, you will thank us every day.
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Will Internet television replace traditional television?

Wo don´t think the internet will replace the television but, the content will be re-formatted and optimized for the living room experience and apps will play a significant role in this transformation, just as mobile apps have improved the delivery of content on smartphones. Television is the next content-heavy industry to be disrupted.The Internet is a wonderful medium for content and content delivery. With bandwidths only increasing by the day, and cloud computing becoming more prevalent, it is very likely that television content and other forms of content both by large publishers and user-generated will be streamed from the Internet.Today the experience between watching Internet content and watching content on your television still has its gaps. This gap is surely reducing by the advent of set-top boxes that are "smarter" and "Internet-aware." If this trend continues, existing television operators might use the television networks for live programming and leverage the Internet for on-demand content delivery of past programs, episodes, movies, etc.Internet television also has the unique advantage of setting up two-way communication with end-users. This would enable end-users to participate via their TV in a live program, or rate/review on-demand content, etc.Furthermore, business models around advertising make it feasible (and necessary for ad-revenue-based organizations) to have on-demand content monetized via the television medium rather than the Internet medium - the reach of the television is far higher than that of current devices that are used to access the Internet.
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