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Language/Country: English 

Spectrum News is the home of different television channels subscribed to Spectrum, and its primary objective is to provide local information to different regions in the United States 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The regional channels that makeup Spectrum news focus mainly on publicizing local and international news, weather, traffic, sports, news, classifieds, among other sectionsThe objective of Spectrum News is to provide truthful and quality news about the main problems of the inhabitants of the different regions where the programs are broadcast, and they are characterized because they bring together a group of experts to talk about various topics and provide real solutions to the community.The television channels that are part of the Spectrum News franchise are also characterized for not transmitting violent acts, crimes, and accidents unless it is such a big and news event that requires special coverage.In addition to news, the Spectrum franchises also have sections devoted to home, cooking, travel, and entertainment, opening the way to variety, and many more people want to connect to different channels in the different regions where programming is transmitted.If you want to enjoy all that Spectrum News has for you, you must subscribe to the channel, and best of all, you can enjoy TV from your cell phone, iPad or tablet so you can see the best programming in your locality where anytime.You also have the option of knowing everything that is happening and be informed through the website, where you can select the region where you live and redirect it automatically to the most important news in your area. Not knowing what is happening in your community or the world is almost impossible thanks to everything that Spectrum News has for you
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Spectrum News Journalists

Kwiecinski, Chris
Kwon, Jo
Larson, Kathryn
Lindstrom, Michon
Manisero, Stef
Maranan, Victoria
Minderhout, Cory
Moncrease, Brittani
Montemarano, Jada
Moses, Drew
Pantazes, Lydia
Peterson, Caileigh
Reisman, Nick
Ringer, Lee
Ringwalt, Chuck
Robin, Josh
Rudd, JD
Saunders, Sachelle
Solarte, Mike
Stensland, Jeff
Dwyer, Brian
Elliott, Amy
Fitzsimmons, Burton
Fuss, Breanna
Gabriel, John
Garcia, Annette
García, Carlos
Goshgarian, Mark
Greenberg, Ed
Haight, Alex
Arias, Patsi

Barker, Alyse
Benjamin, Liz
Blair, Caroline
Bonacorsi, Meg
Boyum, Tim
Claster, Ashley
Constantine, Sophia
Cuevas, Karina
Diamante, Reena
Havely, Chris
Jeneault, Elizabeth
Jolly, Kevin
Ketchell, Kristin
Kim, Nic Cha
King, Robyn
Kleinstreuer, Joshua
Koplien, Craig
Kozak, Andrew
Kunz, Rob
Stockwell, Alex
Stoffel, Nick
Sun, Angela
Thompson, Sonya
Trahan, Chelsey
Ulrich, Katelynn
Vargas, Ryann
Vorse, Greg
Wallace, LeAnn
Washington, Kelvin
Williams, Chris
Wolfgram, Sarah

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