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Santa Fe New Mexican


Scope: Local

Language/Country: English 

Santa Fe New Mexican Magazine is the leading newspaper of the state of New Mexico in the United States of America, with daily publication and over 170 years of its founding over time has demonstrated its strong commitment to the community of Santa Fe.This is demonstrated by the constant search of talent for various areas within Santa Fe to occupy jobs in all areas of your organization and keep improving by adapting to the new technology and the way of doing journalism. Its objective is to provide accurate information and disseminate the most recent events as quickly as possible.Having more than 50,000 daily readers for its printed version and more than 300,000 monthly visits on its website, they have a subscription service for printed versions that are delivered to users daily, around 6:00 in the morning.With the newspaper the magazine Pasatiempo is delivered, which is part of the same publishing group, they also have a digital subscription plan that can be updated more than once a day, which represents an advantage, since you can have access to the information in Real-time, all this backed with excellent customer service.Santa Fe New Mexican Magazine offers an exclusive service of publications within its printed, digital and on-site publications, which is attractive for advertisers who aim to make themselves known in the population of the state of New Mexico.They also have a classified section, where thousands of people, freelancers and companies advertise their job vacancies, a sale of goods and announce their specialized services in different areas covering the needs of readers.
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Robin Martin
(505) 983-3303
[email protected]

Santa Fe New Mexican Journalists

Oxford, Andrew
Rivera, Ray
Russell, Inez
Russell Gomez, Inez
Simonich, Milan
Stiny, Andy
Terrell, Steve
Vitu, Teya
Weideman, Paul
West-Barker, Patricia

Barron, James
Brown, Wendy
Cole, Thom
Haywood, Phaedra
Houghton, Howard
Krasnow, Bruce
Melcher, Kristina
Moss, Rebecca
Mullan, Dillon
Nott, Robert

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