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Motortrend Magazine is a U.S. news portal with almost 70 years in the market, and more than 1,000,000 monthly readers. They have set a milestone within the publications focused on the world automotive market. The website has a subscription system with which you can access racing news, shows, events which have both the modality of videos and live watch of the most important automotive events. Motortrend has a free trial of 14 days where you can have all the content for free and then decide if you want to pay for the service periodically, Motortrend has a mobile application for almost all mobile devices and entertainment, so not being near a computer does not mean missing all the daily updates, so not being near a computer does not mean losing all the regular updates. Since the inception of Motortrend Magazine one of its first sections, more famous and lasting in time has been the award to the car of the year, which began in the 1950s, but has been transformed over the years having new sections as award to the truck of the year from the 1970s, this award has become very popular and coveted by the best-known automotive companies on the planet. It also highlights the section of comparison between cars, became especially favored by the fact that they did not compare only 2 cars but in their publications were compared up to 5 cars at a time, making them very versatile and better understood among their readers, highlighting the fact that all vehicles compared were tested on the road by the Motortrend team. Even though Motortrend Magazine is a magazine born in the United States of America, their great fame made them expand so that they now have a Spanish and French language version, having the option to subscribe for their digital and printed texts in all their languages.
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Albano, Ben
Ayapana, Erick
Cortina, Miguel
Dumke, Avery
Evans, Scott
Gonderman, Monica
Holman, Sean P.
Kiino, Ron
Lieberman, Jonny
Loh, Edward
Rechtin, Mark
Reynolds, Kim
Santos, Henry De Los
Seabaugh, Christian
Taylor, Thom
Trajano, Robin

Udy, Jason
Vance, Brian
Walker, William
Woodard, Collin
Lutz, Cory
MacKenzie, Angus
Markus, Frank
Martin, Darren
Nishimoto, Alex
Ogbac, Stefan
Pham, Steven
Pleskot, Kelly
Powell, Derek
Priddle, Alisa
Zhang, Li

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Does digital marketing influence the automotive industry?

The fact that in the automotive sector changes are continually being recorded is nothing new. So yes, digital experts in marketing and sales influence the automotive sector and have been able to notice a series of trends and changes in habits in the current car buyer. Facts such as the decrease in visits to dealers, more informed customers or the creation of vehicle sharing platforms, make car salespeople rethink their marketing and sales strategies. The purchasing process in the automotive sector has changed. Previously, a user who wanted to buy a car would ask family and friends, look in magazines or visit several dealerships. To this day, anyone who wants to buy a car, the first thing he will do is search Google for information about the vehicles. Consumers are imbued with information before visiting the dealership, and that is where the opportunity for marketers and marketing specialists lies to offer the information the customer is looking for. One of the disciplines most used in these cases is Content Marketing, that is, providing quality content to our potential customers. In its report, Google gives as an example the actions of three major brands in the automotive sector such as Volvo, Tesla Motors and Jaguars, but there are as many cases of important brands that are focusing their Marketing and Sales actions in a purely digital environment. Examples such as Nissan, which sold the first car on Twitter in Spain or Seat with the launch of the Seat Mii through Amazon. Cases like these, draw a changing landscape. Digital Marketing is a powerful tool to adapt to the new rules of the game and be there where the potential customer needs it.
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