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The world of men's fashion can be quite complex and a bit overwhelming because there are infinite types of styles and trends that can be quite confusing. Hypebeast has come to solve all these problems and guide men in their search of the perfect style. Hypebeast has become the favorite online destination for men looking for a more modern, contemporary and urban style. Hypebeast has an expert team that shares its extensive knowledge with users to guide them on the subject; this has been key to the success of this magazine dedicated to fashion. In this complete and varied magazine you can find sections dedicated to the most relevant aspects of culture, music, fashion, design, lifestyles and much more, and as a reader, you can enjoy unique points of view in this industry that will undoubtedly fill you of inspiration. The most relevant of Hypebeast is its different and complete online store, where you can buy everything that experts recommend ensuring a smart and convenient purchase. This online store is composed of numerous varied and innovative brands offering the buyer a unique experience. It is impossible not to get caught up in the variety that Hypebeast offers, that's why, from its website, you can also buy all editions of the magazine, with recommendations and articles that will make you become a real fan of fashion. And if you have found true love in Hypebeast, you can also receive in your email the latest details and news of the magazine just subscribing to the newsletter. Who would say that in a single magazine you could find so much variety? From tips, news, tips to the online store. Get caught up in the world of men's fashion and enjoy everything Hypebeast has for you.
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Hypebeast Journalists

Boatman-Harrell, Jamier
Boykins, Austin
Bray, Arthur
Cheung, HP
Chin, Mallory
Dike, Jason
Eng, Eddie Estiler, Keith
Fox, T. S.
Fox, Thomas
Fu, Joanna
Gill, Nav
Groce, Nia
Horne, Cody
Huynh, Davis
Jamal, Aslam
Jensen, Emily
Kim, Rebecca
Kujundzic, Petar
Lee, Elaine YJ
Miao, Austin

Montes, Patrick
Patos, Robert
Peng, Matt
Rouse, Isaac
Sajonas, Felson
Sandison, Daniel
Silbert, Jake
Stanley, Jack
Wong, Kevin
Lemola, Hasse
Lendrum, Alexander
Li, Arby
Li, Nicolaus
Maduakolam, Emmanuel
Maduakolam, Manny
Mak, Hunter
Marfil, Frederick
Marshall, Rob
Marshall, Robert
Yu, Stephen

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Marketing in the fashion industry

We already know that the Internet has always been an excellent showcase for marketing fashion brands. Beyond their stores, e-commerce has been a new way of reaching end users, and social networks a further achievement of their loyalty. That's why the big companies in this sector are continually studying how to have a more significant presence on the Internet and overcome competition originally and attractively through marketing and digital communication. Fashion marketing originates a large part of the strategic and creative decisions that affect the design and development of the product and also constitutes the bridge that bridges the gap between the intangible of fashion and the concrete reality of business. This essential double role is what makes marketing one of the critical needs of the industry in the sector. Marketing for any industry is difficult, and in fashion, things are not different. The commercialization of fashion refers to a store, brand or firm that works to transmit a specific image to the public. Either by placing products in a celebrity or by creating exclusive merchandise to certain stores, they are the decision makers of how a brand will be shown to the public. Fashion marketing and merchandising professionals are responsible for identifying and creating fashion trends to sell products designed by fashion designers. Based on their knowledge of consumer psychology and trends, they promote fashion with advertising and visual marketing campaigns.
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