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Country: USA

Media Market: Los Angeles

ComputerWorld is a printed magazine covering everything related to IT, computers, network security and more in general hardware and software technology. From its launch in 2014 as a digital publication, it has recorded very high visitors volumes, reaching – at press time – over 5M visitors.
New mobile trends and software specific questions (such as “how do I vlookup in Excel?”) represent the topics with more views within the digital publication.
Based on the audience analysis we have developed, we advise reaching out ComputerWorld to IT business services (particularly company selling cloud-based services) and Crypto companies focused in a specific IT problem that could be solved with blockchain.

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ComputerWorld Magazine

For journalist specific email contacts please
refer to the contacts reported below.

Stephen Tozeski
+1 (508) 766-5633
[email protected]

ComputerWorld Journalists

Himmy Lopez
Caroline Mitchigan
Roberto Liccardo
Stephen Tozeski

Himmy Lopez
Caroline Mitchigan
Roberto Liccardo
Stephen Tozeski

Himmy Lopez
Caroline Mitchigan
Roberto Liccardo
Stephen Tozeski

Himmy Lopez
Caroline Mitchigan
Roberto Liccardo
Stephen Tozeski

Himmy Lopez
Caroline Mitchigan
Roberto Liccardo
Stephen Tozeski

Himmy Lopez
Caroline Mitchigan
Roberto Liccardo
Stephen Tozeski

Online Magazine Visitors and Engagements

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Direct contact of ComputerWorld journalists

Editor Name Position Email Contact
Mitch Betts [email protected]
Johanna Ambrosio Managing Editor, Technologies [email protected]
Lucian Constantin Reporter [email protected]
Sharon Gaudin [email protected]
Jonny Evans Writer, Apple Blog [email protected]
Scott Finnie Editor in Chief [email protected]
Matt Hamblen Reporter [email protected]
Gregg Keizer Reporter [email protected]
Editors [email protected]
Grant Gross Reporter [email protected], [email protected]
Marc Ferranti Executive News Editor of IDG [email protected]
Ben Kepes Industry Commentator [email protected]
Ellen Fanning Editor [email protected]
Ken Mingis [email protected]
Juan Carlos Perez [email protected]
Zach Miners [email protected]
Sharon Machlis Executive Editor [email protected]
Lucas Mearian Reporter [email protected]
Jeremy Kirk Tech Journalist [email protected]
Mikael Ricknas [email protected]
Tracy Mayor Senior Features Editor [email protected]
Agam Shah Reporter [email protected]
Patrick Thibodeau Staff Writer [email protected]

RSS ComputerWorld last news

  • JD Power VP Jim Miller on Apple’s credit card plans 25 March, 2019
    Applewill announce new streaming services and is also expected to share details concerning its forthcoming credit card planin conjunction with Goldman Sachs at an event today. JD Power’s Vice President, Banking and Credit Card services, Jim Miller, shared a few thoughts on these plans:Why is Apple interested in this business? “Credit cards can provide Apple […]
  • 8 highly useful Slack bots for teams 25 March, 2019
    Designed expressly for business environments, Slack helps co-workers collaborate in real time through its cloud-based chat interface. One of Slack’s strengths is that it allows the installation of third-party apps and bots to add features to the basic chat platform.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Hope they sprang for gas money 25 March, 2019
    Pilot fish is membership coordinator for a large fraternal organization with thousands of members in hundreds of chapters spread across the state. Each year at its annual convention, the organization hands out awards for the chapters that met their membership goals, the chapter that reached its goal first and the chapter with the most new […]
  • How blockchain is becomming the 5G of the payment industry 25 March, 2019
    As more blockchain-based payment networks and fiat-backed digital currencies – including one from the largest U.S. bank – emerge, experts and analysts are predicting a sea change for the financial services industry."I think you're starting to see a growing consensus," said Matt Savare, a partner who works in the technology group of New Jersey-based law […]
  • Why you should stop using mobile data 23 March, 2019
    The worst thing about digital distraction is that the problem keeps growing. The time spent, the distraction, the damage — the toll of smartphone addiction never stops increasing.I have come up with a simple solution that will not only improve your life, and the life of your company, but also get Google to buy you […]
  • IDG Contributor Network: The coming virtual desktop/gaming war: Why your 2025 PC will be in the cloud 22 March, 2019
    [Disclosure: AMD and Microsoft are clients of the author.]This week Google launched their cloud gaming service called Stadia which is built on AMD’s processor and graphics platform. Given AMD also supplies core technology to both Sony and Microsoft, this should provide a faster port of console games that are cross-platform to this new service, as […]

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    8 highly useful #Slack bots for teams …
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    A short collection of Safari tips for #iPhone and #iPad -- by @jonnyevans_cw.
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    The new 'Get @Windows 10' announcement arrives for #Win7 in KB 4493132 -- by @woodyleonhard.
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    As @MicrosoftTeams turns two, @Microsoft adds compliance and meeting features -- by @TheMatthewF.
  • @Computerworld Computerworld
    3 areas worth watching in @Android Q -- by @JRRaphael.

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The next type of link is outreach and that is when you ask for links. A good way to ask is to explain to them why the piece of content you have is valuable for their audience. So you can send an outreach email and say, “Hey I just wrote this blog post, I know that your site is looking for a similar topic I think your audience might find useful would you go ahead and link to it?” That is a great way to ask. You don’t always get the link and will probably just get a few, but those counts very highly. Doing outreach is a great way to get started building links, especially when you’re new and you don’t have lots of popularity yet. Outreach is a wonderful way to acquire links that are very natural in the way they look, but you simply asked for it instead of getting them without asking.
Above, you can find the list of editors working in Computer World Editors. You can contact them and pitch your product so that they might feature you or your brand into their publications.

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