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Cnet Contact Info

Cnet Contact and email address

The best way to contact Cnet is by using the email provided below.
For journalist specific email contacts please refer to the contacts reported below in this page.

[email protected].


About Cnet

Cnet is an online publication.

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Reporters in Computer World that can help you getting media coverage for your story

Editor Name Position Email Contact
Jessica Dolcourt Editor [email protected]
Ry Crist Associate Editor – Appliances [email protected]
Rich Brown Executive Editor [email protected][email protected]
David Carnoy Editor [email protected]
Roger Cheng Editor [email protected]
Xiomara Blanco Associate Editor [email protected]
Dan Ackerman Editor [email protected]
Seamus Byrne Editor [email protected]
Wayne Cunningham Editor [email protected]
Brian Bennett Editor [email protected]
Jeff Bakalar Editor [email protected]
Connie Guglielmo Editor In Chief [email protected]
Dara Kerr Staff Writer [email protected]
Andrew Gebhart Associate Editor [email protected]
Kent German Senior Managing Editor [email protected]
Lori Grunin Editor [email protected]
Matthew Elliott Staff Writer [email protected]
John Falcone Editor [email protected]
Sean Hollister Editor [email protected]
David Katzmaier Editor [email protected]
Dan Graziano Associate Editor [email protected]
Antuan Goodwin Associate Editor [email protected]
Joshua Goldman Editor [email protected]
Steven Musil Night Editor [email protected]
Jason Parker Editor [email protected]
Chris Matyszczyk Contributor [email protected]
Maggie Reardon Staff Writer [email protected]
Chris Paukert Editor [email protected]
Dong Ngo Editor [email protected]
Lynn La Editor [email protected]
Eric Mack Contributor [email protected]
Stephen Shankland Staff Writer [email protected]
Ian Sherr Executive Editor [email protected]
Megan Wollerton Editor [email protected]
Scott Stein Editor [email protected]
Tim Stevens Editor [email protected]
Richard Trenholm Editor [email protected]
Terry Collins Staff Writer [email protected]

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How to pitch to Cnet

When you pitch your story, make sure you go through a kind of checklist of things that might make your article get rejected.

Conflict: does this have a conflict between two parties or two businesses?
Novelty: is your article presenting something unusual or out of the ordinary?
Proximity: would your article affect local people; is it talking about a specific location?
Prominence: is it involving someone famous or a large landmark that is highly noticeable? How does this impact people’s lives?

The first step to PR is research; you need to define your target audience, as well as getting to know your target market is. The next question is what media you are targeting; thus, what your target audience is reading. You need to know your niche instead of using a scattergun approach. Then once defined your audience, you can move to the next step that involves the research of journalists and media covering that marketing you should you talk to.

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