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AXS gives access to the most innovative ticketing technologies turning into actions and empowers over 200 partners – among teams, arenas, theaters, clubs, and colleges – to maximize the value of all their events and create joy for fans. Additionally, the AXS Group LLC develops and operates an enterprise event technology platform that provides ticketing, data, and marketing solutions aimed for venue owners, promoters, and sports teams. The platform assists customers to purchase the entry directly from venues using ticketing interface.
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How to properly segment your audience on a sports event?

The target of a sports event is not as easy as everyone might think it to be since this type of event brings together a wide variety of people. The purpose is to help everyone share their love of sports. Depending on the event you organize you will have to reach one type of athlete or another. For example, if you want to promote a team for a specific football game, that means you will have to go to people of a specific age group who plan on attending the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, If you organize a running session in an urban circuit, you will have to connect with other types of runners. Or if, on the contrary, the event consists of a fitness day, you should focus on people who usually go to the gym and like to workout and remain focused on strength instead of cardio. Even in the same discipline, it’s mandatory to focus on a specific profile depending on the event you organize to be able to empathize with the user entirely. It is not the same to hold a race in the park than to host a renowned competition like a yearly marathon.

To make a proper segmentation of your audience, you also have to take into account the geographic scope of the marketing actions. Thanks to geolocation, you can tremendously fine-tune marketing actions, for example, you can focus on the city in which the event is being held in full or impact on specific postal codes.

This way you won’t have to go through the process of trying to allocate funds for your marketing campaign on areas that don’t interest you.

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