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Albuquerque Journal


Scope: Local

Language/Country: English 

Albuquerque Journal is one of the largest newspapers in the United States and has reported the entire country since 1880 when it was its first publication, currently has more than 130 years of credibility accompanying anyone who likes to be well informed by the hand from the best sources and journalists. The sections of this magazine include local and international news, sports, business, entertainment, obituary, opinion articles, real estate, and classifieds of various categories, making Albuquerque Journal is also one of the broadest and most comprehensive journals in the region. In addition to having a great web portal and print edition, it gives you the option to subscribe to the newsletter, so you are always up to date on what is happening in the US and the world, just by clicking from your browser. You later have to create an account on the website, add your email and allow them to send the newsletter directly to you. Today, Albuquerque Journal offers all its faithful readers the possibility to subscribe to their magazine so they can enjoy access to the printed version, unlimited access from the cell phone to, home deliveries, unlimited digital access and much more. If you wish to subscribe and obtain more information, you can do so through 505-823-4400. Journal Albuquerque also gives you the opportunity to contact the magazine directly through 505-823-4400 so you can send a letter to the editor, submit an obituary, advertise with advertising or to send a tip. The Journal Albuquerque is one of the oldest and most credible news magazines in the US, which is why it is your best option when it comes to wanting to be informed and updated about what is happening. Be part of Albuquerque Journal and subscribe as soon as possible so you can enjoy great benefits.
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Albuquerque Journal Journalists

Harrison, Randy
Heild, Colleen
Hendricks, Kevin
Hendrix, Sharon
Herrera, Dan
Jadrnak, Jackie
Johnson, Ed
Jojola, Lloyd
Kaplan, Elise
Kimball, Rene
Knight, Steve
Kocherga, Angela
Krueger, Joline Gutierrez
Last, T.S.
Marks, Ellen
Martinez, Pilar
Martinez, Rozanna M.
McKay, Dan
Moore, Charlie
Moses, Karen
Walz, Kent
Westphal, D'Val
Williams, Stephen
Wright, Rick
Yodice, James
Baca, Marie C.
Barnitz, Katy
Bennett, Megan
Biles, Ben
Boetel, Ryan
Boyd, Dan
Briseno, Elaine
Browman, Robert

Brunt, Charles D.
Carrillo, Edmundo
Christ, Bob
Clark, Ruth
Dyer, Jessica
Elledge, Gwynne
Feld, Terry
Friedman, Donn
Gallagher, Mike
Gomez, Adrian
Grammer, Geoff
Hanson, Dean
Nathanson, Rick
Oswald, Mark
Pappas, Nick
Perea, Shelby
Peretti, Greg
Reed Jr., Ollie
Reisen, Matthew
Roberts, Kathaleen
Robinson-Avila, Kevin
Rosales, Roberto E.
Salazar, Martin
Sanchez, Isabel
Shepard, Maggie
Sickenger, Ken
Steinberg, David
Taylor, Helen
Tipton, Nancy
Travin, Tom
Uyttebrouck, Olivier
Virgen, Steve

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Will the printed newspaper survive in the digital age?

Since the popularity of the internet and its advances, we have seen how the digital media has taken over the world, leaving aside those printed media that try to survive in the face of the Internet revolution and migrate into these new platforms to inform their readers. A perfect case is Albuquerque Journal, one of the oldest and largest circulation newspapers in the US since 1880 and for more than 50 years never thought that it had to modify its printed version and pass it to a digital version to remain active in the world news. Many debates question the fact that news in the digital world can be misrepresented more quickly and can lose credibility through mass access, and that credibility is 100% certain if it is printed in a newspaper. But this competes directly with the speed of the internet, that is, a story can be made viral in seconds if it is on the Internet, while it would take much longer to make a fact known if you have to wait until the next day to be published in a newspaper. The digital world offers the opportunity to know current news in seconds and truthful, as long as you as a user look for reliable sources, that is why Albuquerque Journal makes available its online version, as well as subscriptions by email so you can find out about news more quickly, yes, does not leave out those who like to read the newspaper in the morning with a cup of coffee. Albuquerque Journal found the perfect way to coexist in both worlds.
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