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Reaching out to key individuals (potential clients or influencers) allows you to break free from the noisy crowd and to show your real service value. We leverage Social Media (particularly LinkedIn and Facebook) to spread your product and brand to wider audiences, at the same time helping you to establish rapport and build relationships. Our outreach services goes in two directions: we reach people potentially interested in buying your product, as well as reaching out influential leaders, even celebrities, to promote your brand.

We also provide link building: we use content marketing to generate links for your site to high domain authority and relevant sites. We only work with high quality sites and provide you with high quality contents, so that you can see a fast improving in your ranks.

For our marketing services you only pay for actual results:

  • Outreaching: no set-up fees and you are billed only for each person that has been outreached
  • Link Building: you get to pay only for every publication you get published, else you will be fully refunded.

Reach people that are looking for your product, as well as key leaders to promote your brand. Build relationships, as well as rank higher in Google searche results though our link building campaigns.


We present your message through Social Media platforms promoting your brand. We target:

  • Potential clients, identifying them by demographics, geography, work position and so on
  • Influencers for giving a wider reach to your contents or to your brand

No set-up fees, you only pay for the actual number of people outreached.

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