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Margaret Chadbourn

Margaret Chadbourn

Washington, DC
 Political Reporter - NY1
Metro D.C. 
Political reporter for Spectrum News & @NY1. Lover of running in the a.m. & fueled by caffeine. Luckily married to @davecclarke.

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Margaret Chadbourn


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  • Reena Diamante - Spectrum News 22 September, 2017
    Reena Diamante  Spectrum NewsReena Diamante joined Spectrum News in March 2017 as the Hays County bureau reporter. Reena started her career at NY1 News in New York City during the ...[...]
  • This Weekend's Kids & Family Activities in Bronx - NY Metro Parents 20 June, 2018
    This Weekend's Kids & Family Activities in Bronx  NY Metro ParentsFun and educational kids and family activities are abound this weekend in the Bronx! Interested in theater and museums? Want to go to book reading or concert ...[...]

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  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 21 August, 2019
    Whew! Thank goodness. …[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 19 August, 2019
    As a journo, when you take a rare weekend off from work, then start absorbing morning headlines...they can be, well, funny in the Trump era. Trump confirms his interest in buying Greenland. “Essentially it is a large business deal,” he said. No joking matter for him.[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 19 August, 2019
    Trump cuts off one of his closest friends, via ⁦@dlippman⁩ …[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 18 August, 2019
    Feels like there is a countdown now until his publisher drops him. …[...]
  • @emkuhn Emily Kuhn 18 August, 2019
    Here is that October 2017 report by @oliverdarcy if anyone needs a refresher: … …[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 18 August, 2019
    There's hundreds of people working in the field of journalism and covering politics. Why do we need him to do this now?[...]
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