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Kathy Best

Kathy Best

Missoula, MT
 Editor - Missoulian
U.S. Regional 
Editor of the Missoulian and Ravalli Republic. Lover of great writing, deep reporting and all storytelling forms.

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Kathy Best


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  • @kbest Kathy Best 14 September, 2019
    Long live Yak! …[...]
  • @kbest Kathy Best 14 September, 2019
    Damn you, @bykenarmstrong , you’ve turned me into a binge Netflix watcher! You sure know how to tell compelling stories. Congrats! …[...]
  • @smussenden Sean Mussenden 11 September, 2019
    This money will help us assist other news organizations in the use of temperature sensors to tell local versions of this important climate crisis story. If you're interested, find me or @adam_marton at @ONAConf to learn more. Or DM. …[...]
  • @kbest Kathy Best 11 September, 2019
    It’s probably never a good idea to shout in an airport, but I couldn’t help it when I read this!!! Thank you @ONA and congrats to my @merrillcollege colleagues. We are eager to spread this climate change reporting tool nationwide! …[...]
  • @GwenFlorio Gwen Florio 08 September, 2019
    Headline doesn’t hint at the piece’s emphasis on the key role of the Chicago Defender - Why print newspapers still play a crucial role in American politics …[...]
  • @michmflo Michele M. Flores 08 September, 2019
    Over 3 years, private psychiatric hospitals in W. Washington reported 15 "adverse events." The Times found 350 cases in which patients, staff were assaulted, injured, attempted suicide, escaped or died suddenly. Powerful reporting by @ByDanielGilbert. …[...]
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