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Bryan Goman

Bryan Goman

Davenport, IA
 Producer - KWQC-TV (Davenport, IA)

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Bryan Goman


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  • @BryanGoman4 Bryan Goman 07 September, 2019
    In Orion at the half it’s Kewanee 14 Orion 13[...]
  • @BryanGoman4 Bryan Goman 07 September, 2019
    Ridgewood leads 6-0 with 5:19 left in the 1st [email protected][...]
  • @BryanGoman4 Bryan Goman 06 September, 2019
    In Cambridge where the Ridgewood Spartans are getting ready to take on the BWP Sparclones.[...]
  • @BryanGoman4 Bryan Goman 31 August, 2019
    Halftime here in Muscatine. Davenport Central up 20-7 at the half.[...]
  • @wxphelps Kevin Phelps 14 March, 2019
    This why you should watch @kwqcnews …[...]
  • @Skubie3Mageza Skubie Mageza KWQC-TV6 03 January, 2019
    OMG! I can't stop watching this.. . A block gone wrong...#SportsCenterNotTop10 North Centrals Blaise Meredith tries to chase down a block and gets punished by the backboard. Don't worry he was ok and went back into the game moments later. But SHEEESHHH! @espn[...]
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