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Brian Cooley

Brian Cooley

 Editor-at-Large and Host - CNET
Technology, Transportation 
Editor at CNET; Board of Directors, Marin Humane Society

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Brian Cooley


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  • @briancooley Brian Cooley 11 June, 2019
    If you tried the Beyond Burger and found it unconvincing, the new version that launches today is for you: Chewier, coarser, and with a more "neutral" taste. Here's a look in the lab: …[...]
  • @briancooley Brian Cooley 10 June, 2019
    There are few places where the Impossible Whopper would seem to fit better than the S.F. Bay Area: It's edible, disruptive tech. …[...]
  • @briancooley Brian Cooley 28 May, 2019
    When midwest tornadoes, California fires or other disasters strike, first responders are starting to have an easier time communicating on scene. You, not so much. …[...]
  • @CNET CNET 16 November, 2018
    Join us *TODAY* for our #CNETLive Holiday Deals show at 11am PT/2pm ET Tune in for some killer deals, great presents and how to hack the holiday season.[...]
  • @briancooley Brian Cooley 12 October, 2018
    Before you install expensive, ugly, noisy, power-consuming AC, try just painting part of your house white! …[...]
  • @briancooley Brian Cooley 20 September, 2018
    Buying a new car? A few hundred miles of restraint now may buy you tens of thousands of miles of dependability later. …[...]
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