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April Burbank

April Burbank

[email protected]
 Reporter - Burlington Free Press
U.S. Regional 
VT politics and government reporter for @bfp_news. Vermonter. Still learning. Say hello: 802-660-1863

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April Burbank


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  • @april_mccullum April McCullum 13 September, 2019
    This was a 3-2 decision. Justices Eaton and Carroll dissented, arguing that agencies should be allowed charge for staff time when they need to make a redacted copy of a public record. Wonder if the Legislature will tweak the law to clarify. …[...]
  • @emilycorwin Emily Corwin 13 September, 2019
    It's a great day for transparency in Vermont government. "We conclude that state agencies may not charge for staff time spent responding to requests to inspect public records pursuant to the PRA," writes the SCOVT in their decision: … @ACLU_VT @vprnet[...]
  • @XianCw Xian Chiang-Waren 12 September, 2019
    Stunning visualization of this year's historic flood season on the Missouri, Mississippi and Arkansas rivers from @nytimes (built with data from mid-January through end of June) …[...]
  • @MrDanZak Dan Zak 12 September, 2019
    Well. Done. @WaPoExpress. Good night, sweet[...]
  • @DanDambrosioVT Dan D'Ambrosio 12 September, 2019
    How startup Sunsoil is creating a CBD oil empire in the Northeast Kingdom. These guys are already the third biggest player nationally in an important segment of the market. … via @bfp_news[...]
  • @MaleehaSyed89 Maleeha Syed 03 September, 2019
    Worked on this story for quite some time at @bfp_news with @sawyerloftus18 and @LizMurrayBFP. Take a look at how a facility in Vermont became a national point of contact for @ICEgov over the years. …[...]
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