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Anthony Domanico

Anthony Domanico

 Journalist - CNET
Consultant in the Healthcare industry. Former freelance tech journalist with CNET and others. [email protected]

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Anthony Domanico


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  • @ajdomanico Anthony Domanico 13 September, 2019
    The most magical and revolutionary thing Apple released this year was a new preorder time for the new iPhones.[...]
  • @ajdomanico Anthony Domanico 11 September, 2019
    So are there any good iPhone 11 cases yet?[...]
  • @nycsouthpaw southpaw 11 September, 2019
    The North Carolina Republican Party commemorates 9/11 by taking advantage of the nation’s grief to seize powers the voters didn’t give them and enact cruelty. …[...]
  • @ajdomanico Anthony Domanico 02 September, 2019
    I #VoteToye for MLS Player of the Week![...]
  • @treasonstickers Treason Stickers 14 August, 2019
    A history of economies by President: Bush: destroyed the economy Clinton: fixed the economy George W: destroyed the economy Obama: fixed the economy Trump: destroying the economy It’s almost as if there’s a pattern here #TrumpRecession[...]
  • @ajdomanico Anthony Domanico 13 August, 2019
    And then I realized there’s no point to the Apple Card. It’s not better than many other credit cards out there except for Apple purchases.[...]
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