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Amy Brightfield

Amy Brightfield

 Health and Features Director - Better Homes and Gardens
Arts and Entertainment 
Exerciser ‍♀️ ‍♂️ Collector Occasional hypochondriac Health & Features Director @BHG Better Homes & Gardens #thehealthnut @columbiajourn alum

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Amy Brightfield


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  • @city_health CityHealth 01 April, 2019
    Happy #NPHW 2019! Celebrate the best week of the year by jamming out to a curated playlist from care-about-health leaders and their songs that inspire a healthier, more equitable, and just world![...]
  • @NancyatHeart Nancy Brown 14 February, 2019
    Less than 50% of women know the major symptoms of heart disease – their No. 1 killer! Thank you women of Congress for sounding the and uniting to #GoRedForWomen. #HeartMonth …[...]
  • @amybrightfield amy brightfield 08 February, 2019
    Going red to raise awareness of women’s heart health @GoRedForWomen #RedDressCollection with the true heart heroes @drstaceyrosen & @DrJMieres who are fighting for gender equity in medicine every day![...]
  • @amybrightfield amy brightfield 05 February, 2019
    Happy #HeartHealthMonth Monday! As your resident health nut, I had a checkup with top notch cardiologist @drstaceyrosen. Use my exam as a discussion starter with your doc & guide to the Qs to ask: … #getheartsmart[...]
  • @amybrightfield amy brightfield 02 February, 2019
    It’s #WearRedDay & #thehealthnut is here to say love your heart! disease is the #1 killer of women but there’s LOTS you can do to prevent it! Talk to your doctor about your heart health at your next checkup. Knowledge is power to protect your[...]
  • @aboutKP Kaiser Permanente 15 January, 2019
    "The idea that someone should sleep on the street in this, the greatest country in the world, is unacceptable." @BernardJTyson at our #housingforhealth announcement at @Oakland[...]
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