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Sjarif Goldstein

Sjarif Goldstein

 Assistant Sports Editor - Honolulu Star-Advertiser

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Sjarif Goldstein


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  • @TheOtherSjarifG Sjarif Goldstein 28 May, 2019
    Hey, evangelicals who lament the fading of Christianity from American society, do you understand that your support of Trump is driving people away?[...]
  • @littIewmen ana 20 August, 2019
    notre dame burned and it got so much press and a billion in donations but when the amazon, one of the most important rainforests in the world, has been burning for 16 days and destroyed it's literally quiet and people don't know about it[...]
  • @TheOtherSjarifG Sjarif Goldstein 21 August, 2019
    If Trump thinks telling Jews we're idiots if we vote Democrat will make us vote for him he's even dumber than his followers. #andthatsfuckingdumb[...]
  • @tmorello Tom Morello 20 August, 2019
    Getting a cappuccino today and barista says “did anyone ever tell you that you look just like Tom Morello?” I say “All the time”. He says “I’ll bet”. I order my coffee. He says “What’s the name?” I say “Tom”. He says “Your name is TOM too?! That’s crazy!” I’m like “It sure is”[...]
  • @TheOtherSjarifG Sjarif Goldstein 20 August, 2019
    He may be bought and paid for, but at least he’s keeping his word for once! #wishhewouldnt …[...]
  • @TheOtherSjarifG Sjarif Goldstein 20 August, 2019
    I don’t know who needs to hear this, but ... why did you name that movie “Overcomer”?[...]
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