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Nadine Kam

Nadine Kam

 Fashion Journalist and Blogger - Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Arts and Entertainment 
Fashion journalist, blogger, stylist, traveler, philanthropist. Official @nadinekam IG: nadinekam

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Nadine Kam


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  • @fashiontribe nadine kam 26 February, 2019
    Catching up w model, artist @marcjacobs collaborator and @Marvel @FXNetworks "Legion" star Lauren Tsai in the latest issue of[...]
  • @fashiontribe nadine kam 20 October, 2018
    #nct #Lucas #wangyukhei #nctlucas walked the runway during the KYE spring-summer 2019 fashion show during HERA #SeoulFashionWeek, which ends today (Seoul time). He had to be waaayy more subdued than usual, lol ! Waiting to learn what @SHINee Key is up to with his CHARMS[...]
  • @fashiontribe nadine kam 28 September, 2018
    Elle said it: @BTS_twt Wore 3 Great Suit Ensembles During New York City Visit - RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V Fashion …[...]
  • @fashiontribe nadine kam 26 September, 2018
    Disgraceful for a major network, but what else could we expect from a simpleton. Where’s the apology for the disrespect @ABC …[...]
  • @tonyposnanski Tony Posnanski 25 February, 2018
    In 11 days the teenagers of Parkland have... - Survived a mass shooting - Spoke out - Organized a march - Organized a walk out - Fought the NRA - Went on national TV - Fought conspiracy theories about themselves - Made gun control the top topic I’m excited about the future[...]
  • @bryanbehar Bryan Behar 26 February, 2018
    A week ago the Parkland kids were shot at. So they speak up about not wanting to be shot again. Naturally this leads to death threats from NRA supporters. Against children. Not hard to see which is the right side on this one.[...]
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