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Michael Tsai

Michael Tsai

 Reporter - Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Infinite Monkey Theorem in practice.

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Michael Tsai


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  • @TheRickWilson Rick Wilson 20 July, 2019
    Hero …[...]
  • @CNNnewsroom CNN Newsroom 27 December, 2017
    "You Can't See Me" A large truck is attempting to block cameras from capturing video of President Donald Trump golfing[...]
  • @Amy_Siskind Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈 30 October, 2017
    Just remember: Trump tweeted about Hillary’s emails 20 minutes after the June 9 mtg w/Donald Jr, Manafort, Kushner and Veselnitskaya.[...]
  • @SenDuckworth Tammy Duckworth 01 November, 2017
    The White House claims Papadopoulos was just an unpaid "volunteer"… isn't that how they described Ivanka & Jared's jobs?[...]
  • @Protect_Wldlife PROTECT ALL WILDLIFE 17 September, 2017
    What a senseless waste. Why kill such a gentle creature? For so-called 'sport'?!? RT if you want a GLOBAL ban on ALL trophy hunting NOW![...]
  • @maziehirono Senator Mazie Hirono 18 September, 2017
    A group of men wrote a devastating health care bill & are now trying to push it through w/o debate. It's almost like we've been here before. …[...]
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