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Margaret Chadbourn

Margaret Chadbourn

Washington, DC
 Political Reporter - NY1
Metro D.C. 
Political reporter for Spectrum News & @NY1. Lover of running in the a.m. & fueled by caffeine. Luckily married to @davecclarke.

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Margaret Chadbourn


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  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 22 August, 2019
    I’m working on an important story right now: my own. Sharing a section earlier than planned to shed light on eating disorders. The goal is to reach people that also struggle and to let them know — there is help. …[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 23 September, 2019
    President Trump wakes up at Trump Tower this morning, before heading to #UNGA. A rare trip[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 23 September, 2019
    For now, Pelosi’s main competition comes from a bipartisan drug pricing package out of the Senate Finance Committee.[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 23 September, 2019
    Pelosi’s drug pricing reform bill will get its first hearing this week. Unexpected to become law, the attention it receives could push Trump to move faster on a promised rule basing the prices for drugs in Medicare on those in other countries. …[...]
  • @ThisWeekABC This Week 22 September, 2019
    Today's show ended with Cokie Roberts' farewell message on her last day as co-anchor of @ThisWeekABC with Sam Donaldson in 2002[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 17 September, 2019
    Thank you @ABCWorldNews for a beautiful tribute to Cokie Roberts. Her contributions are incomparable. I first met her at the National Book Festival (as a volunteer), later crossed paths working in the DC bureau. As a bookworm and journalist, I remain in awe and forever inspired.[...]
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