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Margaret Chadbourn

Margaret Chadbourn

Washington, DC
 Political Reporter - NY1
Metro D.C. 
Political reporter for Spectrum News & @NY1. Lover of running in the a.m. & fueled by caffeine. Luckily married to @davecclarke.

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Margaret Chadbourn


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  • Reena Diamante - Spectrum News 22 September, 2017
    Reena Diamante  Spectrum NewsReena Diamante joined Spectrum News in March 2017 as the Hays County bureau reporter. Reena started her career at NY1 News in New York City during the ...[...]
  • This Weekend's Kids & Family Activities in Bronx - NY Metro Parents 20 June, 2018
    This Weekend's Kids & Family Activities in Bronx  NY Metro ParentsFun and educational kids and family activities are abound this weekend in the Bronx! Interested in theater and museums? Want to go to book reading or concert ...[...]

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  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 17 July, 2019
    House voted, 332-95, with 1 voting Present, to table (kill) the impeachment resolution.[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 17 July, 2019
    It looks like his Green's resolution will likely be tabled by the House with more than a majority voting to kill it, vote is still open.[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 17 July, 2019
    HAPPENING NOW: House is voting to table (kill) the impeachment resolution offered by @RepAlGreen.[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 17 July, 2019
    Trump says he is winning the "political fight" with Democrats. He added the Democratic party is moving "so far left they’re going to fall off a cliff," before leaving for of his first rally since the controversy erupted over his statements about four minority congresswomen.[...]
  • @MLChadbourn Margaret Chadbourn 17 July, 2019
    The following House Republicans voted to condemn Trump’s language: Will Hurd of Texas Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania Fred Upton of Michigan Susan Brooks of Indiana All House Democrat voted yes. The now independent Justin Amash of Michigan also voted yes. …[...]
  • @davecclarke Dave Clarke 16 July, 2019
    Trump’s incendiary rhetoric is met with fading resistance from Republican and corporate leaders @ToluseO …[...]
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