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Joshua Mayers

Joshua Mayers

Seattle, WA
 Soccer Reporter - Seattle Times
Metro Seattle 

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Joshua Mayers


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  • @mattpentz Matt Pentz 10 November, 2019
    69,274 in the house this afternoon. The largest sporting event attendance in CenturyLink Field history, and the biggest crowd to ever attend a soccer match in WA state #MLSCup[...]
  • @GrantWahl Grant Wahl 01 November, 2019
    Seattle sold out more than 69,000 seats in minutes today for next week's MLS Cup final vs Toronto. Here's my ode to one of the world's great soccer cities, from the George & Dragon to @alanhinton11 to @KaseyKeller18 and so much[...]
  • @joshuamayers Joshua Mayers 01 November, 2019
    Oh hey,[...]
  • @joshuamayers Joshua Mayers 31 October, 2019
    Pretty damn cool[...]
  • @joshuamayers Joshua Mayers 30 October, 2019
    Three times in four years. Not bad, @brianschmetzer... And I have to say, it’d be pretty damn cool if Seattle got to host #MLSCup[...]
  • @joshuamayers Joshua Mayers 30 June, 2019
    Really well done (my top three: @friberg28 @hahnemann1 @zkscott) …[...]
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