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Joshua Mayers

Joshua Mayers

Seattle, WA
 Soccer Reporter - Seattle Times
Metro Seattle 

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Joshua Mayers


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  • @joshuamayers Joshua Mayers 30 June, 2019
    Really well done (my top three: @friberg28 @hahnemann1 @zkscott) …[...]
  • @paulbarrett6 Paul Barrett 23 May, 2019
    Today’s Seattle Times Sports cover, and a back-page ad bought by the #Sounders thanking Chad Marshall following his[...]
  • @joshuamayers Joshua Mayers 26 April, 2019
    So LJ Collier is more in the Red Bryant mold of DEs than Frank Clark, right? (I have no idea. This is just an excuse to re-post my fav Red Bryant story.) …[...]
  • @joshuamayers Joshua Mayers 03 March, 2019
    Dang, dude... #analysis …[...]
  • @stevesirk Steve Sirk 31 January, 2019
    NEW POST: "#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Brad Evans" Recently chatted with Massive Champion @brad_evans3 about #Crew96 being saved, but also about perseverance, Sigi Schmid, and more. …[...]
  • @MLS Major League Soccer 11 January, 2019
    Honoring a legend of the game. Moving forward, we’ll be presenting the Sigi Schmid MLS Coach of the Year award as part of our year-end[...]
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