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Barney Lerten

Barney Lerten

 Digital Content Director - KTVZ-TV (Bend, OR)
U.S. Regional 
NewsChannel 21/KTVZ.COM's Digital Content Director

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Barney Lerten


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  • @BarneyKTVZ Barney Lerten 10 March, 2019
    Of serious concern to me, a Boeing fan whose dad worked for them for years as an electrical engineer …[...]
  • @BarneyKTVZ Barney Lerten 26 September, 2017
    Dealing with 1,000s of frustrating public comments a month, folks like Seth Godin have me thinking differently. …[...]
  • @BarneyKTVZ Barney Lerten 25 September, 2017
    Many critics liked Star Trek: Discovery - this guy didn't - I saw much of it and liked it, my wife the Trekkie did …[...]
  • @BarneyKTVZ Barney Lerten 25 September, 2017
    I post so much to @KTVZ that I haven't used my Twitter account since activation! I'll try to remedy that from here on out![...]
  • @BarneyKTVZ Barney Lerten 25 September, 2017
    Wow, I haven't used my work Twitter account since I created it 5 years ago! I'm sorry, I'm going to find a way to do some posts here!;-)[...]
  • @BarneyKTVZ Barney Lerten 17 December, 2012
    Hi all! This is my new professional KTVZ account - somewhere between the station posts and the purely personal. Feeling my way - pls follow![...]
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