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Angelo Vargas

Angelo Vargas

 Reporter - KRGV-TV 5 (Weslaco, TX)
Reporter for KRGV, Channel 5 Weslaco, TX

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Angelo Vargas


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  • @krgv KRGV CHANNEL 5 NEWS 04 June, 2019
    Traffic Alert: Be safe! …[...]
  • @CNNPolitics CNN Politics 07 January, 2019
    BREAKING: President Trump will visit the US-Mexico border on Thursday amid the partial government shutdown[...]
  • @OscarBorderTeam Oscar Margain 06 December, 2018
    In addition to the removal of c-wire in #Laredo, we've also noticed c-wire was removed along the river under the #Hidalgo bridge. #Texas #border …[...]
  • @adsv126 Angelo Samora-Vargas 10 October, 2017
    My thoughts and prayers are with the officers family tonight and those involved. …[...]
  • @adsv126 Angelo Samora-Vargas 21 June, 2017
    My account was #mia so I'm back. Looking for stories and need ideas. #nevergiveup[...]
  • @nspimentel Norma Seni Pimentel 13 October, 2016
    Bkfst @ HRC McAllen TX, cereal & 1/2 banana! Help us feed the many families coming![...]
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