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Ana Anguiano

Ana Anguiano

McAllen, TX
 Reporter and Producer - KRGV-TV 5 (Weslaco, TX)
U.S. Regional 

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Ana Anguiano


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  • @paoencina22 Paola 07 May, 2019
    Saw this on a local FB page from the RGV, and it seemed the person recording was reporting on the crisis. I thought maybe a Mexican citizen journalist. He was talking about how these people were risking their lives and of their children, and the BP[...]
  • @SheriffGuerra Sheriff Eddie Guerra 08 December, 2017
    The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them. Chief Rodriguez, Retired Texas Ranger Jaramillo, DA Rodriquez and ADA Garza did their duty for Irene Garza. Justice has been served. …[...]
  • @COLGrahameJones COL Grahame Jones 20 October, 2017
    Thanks to @TexasGameWarden for patrolling the #GulfofMexico to apprehend those utilizing illegal long-lines and gill-nets.[...]
  • @EddieCantuPct2 Eduardo Cantu 20 October, 2017
    Colonia cleanup happening today![...]
  • @jaketapper Jake Tapper 19 October, 2017
    (Actually incident happened in the wee small hours of August 27... either way, I think it’s clear what’s shameful here.)[...]
  • @jaketapper Jake Tapper 19 October, 2017
    I last interviewed Bennett on August 16. The Las Vegas incident was August 26. Are you aware of how time functions, @ClayTravis? …[...]
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