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Adam Krueger

Adam Krueger

Austin, TX
 Meteorologist - Spectrum News Austin
Meteorologist at @SpecNewsSA and @SpecNewsATX. Chicago native. Purdue grad. @HQtrivia champ. Like my kids, I require playtime daily.

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Adam Krueger


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  • @AdamKrueger Adam Krueger 18 September, 2019
    #Imelda: lots of rain over there, not much rain over[...]
  • @SpecNewsSA Spectrum News SA 17 September, 2019
    Tropical Storm #Imelda sits just south of #Houston. @AdamKrueger says: more rain than they want there, not as much as we'd like here. #SanAntonio's 7 day at …[...]
  • @SpecNewsSA Spectrum News SA 16 September, 2019
    [email protected] says: a storm in the Gulf could bring rain and a slight drop in temps this week. See the rain chances on the 7 day at …[...]
  • @NextGenStats Next Gen Stats 15 September, 2019
    Bears RB/WR Cordarrelle Patterson reached 22.23 MPH on this 46-yard run, the fastest speed reached by a ball carrier over the last two seasons. #CHIvsDEN |[...]
  • @AdamKrueger Adam Krueger 13 September, 2019
    Warming = melting ice = less reflecting of solar radiation = more warming. This is a “positive feedback loop”, accelerating the rise in temps. #ClimateChange #ClimateMatters …[...]
  • @AdamKrueger Adam Krueger 13 September, 2019
    Happy 20th, @SpecNewsATX![...]
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