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Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Marketing.

Helping ICOs, STOs, IEOs crowd sales succeeding through proven marketing and PR specific strategies.
We are not an overnight born PR agency trying to make a profit of the crypto buzz.
We have been helping traditional business for years, and now, we make this knowledge available for blockchain-based businesses.

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Principles of the IEO -Marketing and our offer

The Initial Exchange Offering is suitable for companies, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and ideologists who believe that their project can influence, if not all over the world, at least other regions of the planet.

Although the IEOs are a new element in the crypto community, it’s not that hard to make yours succeed. After all, the process of raising funds through cryptocurrency exchange platforms, free from scams, remains a difficult attribute to ignore.

If your team has already decided the idea, investigated the small competitors, you are ready for the first active steps. You can choose to trust only you and your team. Bu,t if after reading these lines you realize that none of the members of your team have relevant experience, don’t worry; There is a solution for it.

Relevance and experience are vital points – for which to get rid of a headache and choose an agency that will accompany you in all stages -; Yet, the panorama you have at your disposal has two variants.

Usually, for a company to attract investors, it must promote the project through an extensive marketing campaign – which is generally related to the bigger players. Despite the possibility of raising considerable sums, as a startup, it is essential to control your funds. On this matter, GoodNoon provides a substantial advantage, since our strategy is based on creating a bond with the public.


The dissolution of traditional perspectives

Traditional marketing can be expensive, reducing the founders’ portfolios, whether done internally or subcontracted. However, the success of an IEO depends in no small extent on the ability of the team to promote it through a well-articulated marketing campaign. What we have identified and implemented in GoodNoon is part of the approach through analysis.

Don’t us wrong; if your goal is to raise $ 10,000, then the experience means little. However, with a goal of $ 10 million, each edge must be developed to perfection.

One of the best plans of IEO Marketing is to reach several websites of lists in different languages ​​around the world to improve the chances of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Subsequently, we conduct a thorough analysis of your campaign and rating with a report for better scope and, therefore, to attract potential investors (additional traffic is guaranteed).

But the strategy does not end there…


Seize an approach

When we learn about the process by which business strategies are planned, we realize there are many companies currently losing opportunities because they don’t believe in what they can do.

Given the challenges, it is necessary to take risks, to achieve an important position within the market. Ambitious goals must be set in your projects to obtain better opportunities and, with this, a higher chance of success.

For the IEO campaign, we aim for a presence on the most attractive websites, to tell the investor what the project’s motto is, to what extent it is reliable in the investment, the level of risk and much more. At the same time, the released content seeks to reach communities related to cryptocurrencies, token sales, IEO campaigns, blockchain technology, investor profiles, etc.

Connecting the project with an active community-based agent – offering valuable information and resources in the form of ‘attention’ – promotes the campaign and sales for your IEO. That includes the promotion of non-conventional social networks such as blogs, news portals, forums, and other worship platforms. Additionally, we rely on individual campaigns configured to make it available while browsing the Internet such as Google Adwords, Clicksor, BlogAds – all of them fortified with direct marketing modules (newsletters, guest-postings, etc.)

Following those lines, various strategies include elements such as IEO marketing PR publications based on online press releases in several languages ​​and collaboration with other IEO marketing experts (writers and editors), who will present our note to their audience. To provide an index of the great development of the company to new investors translate into an increase in their support.



The main ideas we try to establish concerning this style of crowdfunding are:

  • Reliability: Highlighting the attributes of the proposal organically. For example, to delimit that the token issuers will not have to worry about the offer’s security because the exchange is rooted on the IEO’s smart contract, while the crypto exchange rules the KYC / AML process.
  • Availability: Thanks to the collection method, the exchanges work as a window for marketing. This is how to launch your IEO will require a lower marketing budget than if you decide to go with a regular marketing campaign. Moreover, token issuers can take advantage of the exchange’s stable customer base to receive more contributions to their projects.


Distance from the scammers

We tend to prefer stability to constant change because the former brings us peace; however, sometimes it is necessary to make some changes in our financial or work activities to obtain greater benefits.

This is how during 2017 and 2018, a significant percentage of the crypto projects were operated by scammers or were dubious. Because of this, we believe that IEOs have the potential of becoming the standard model for raising funds in the crypto space and maybe even creating the next fundraising boom.

If in addition to the marketing campaign, you need advice or help to write a technical document, contact us at GoodNoon. Our experts will help you immediately. We have specialized staff in the decentralized field so that you can consider our services as a PR / IEO marketing agency as a flexible solution.

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