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Multiversum (eMTV) – ICO Marketing PR Rating


Multiversum ICO



4/5 Marketing

2/5 PR

Marketing & PR Review

Multiversum has created the fourth generation in blockchain technology with a multichain relational database, that forms chains of data that is able to be applied in complex industrial businesses, governmental environments, public health and finance. One of the main goals of Multiversum is to meet the needs of every market entity that requires high operational security and can improve its productivity with blockchain technology. Through high security and stability standards, this company makes use of Blockchain 4.0 real and operative, offering innovative and efficient solutions at minimal costs. The philosophy that inspired and leads Multiversum is the “Green Will” manifesto, which can be described in three words: people, planet, profit..



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PR and credibility Score: 2/5

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The Multiversum project has a very strong marketing base – regarding to SEO metrics, however with weak PR efforts.

With a domain authority of 38/100 – considering that ICO websites are normally newly built, the domain has a substantial number of backlinks, slightly above 25,000. That gives the project an excellent possibility of achieving good rankings on Google. With a bounce rate below 28% and a very high average time on the site, visitors are definitely interested in content, navigating among the different sections of the site and spending time reading them. However, from a PR standpoint, the website reports few mentions of features in large publications.

In several website reports, we found few sites that don’t have a very high authority domain that mentions the project, only sites such as Forbes or The Coin Radar have that level of visibility.

As already mentioned in the overall analysis of the project, Multiversum has a solid marketing base that has not been implemented to its full capabilities, particularly in regard to SEO. Although the project has strong backlinks and good domain metrics that would affect positively rankings, the site doesn’t seem to be SEO optimized; thus, it is not ranking at all for relevant project-related keywords. By looking at the traffic sources, we see that direct traffic leads the website traffic, with minimal margins for SEO and social media implementations. Social media – have entirely been abandoned in the second stage of the ICO development.

The work score for PR is only 20 out of 100 for this project. Even though the site reports an organic interest from journalists, there are not enough publications mentioning this project to provide strong credibility. By looking at the backlinks report, we see publications such as Forbes mentioning the project; these, however – for unknown reasons – have not been added in the “Seen On” section of Multiversum’s site.

In the case of Multiversum, we saw 39 current running ads data on this section, provided by a visual presence on the Google’s Display Network promoted the landing page of the project.

Multiversum has a high presence on Twitter, with 19,569 followers; they have been doing a great job exposing the project in their respective niche.

When it comes to Facebook, besides not being able to run ads promoting the ICO due to regulations, they have done a great job promoting the content that can be advertised into their community.

They have created a Reddit and a Medium presence but have not dedicated time to these social platforms, as these might not be within the marketing plan.

Social media and Influencers are a common practice in modern days, but still can be a complicated process for advertisers when creating their campaigns from scratch as for influencers that want to make a profit out of their content. It is recommended that the selection of the best influencer as possible depending on the goals for the campaign, set the price for these services making sure that is a secure transaction with significant advertising possibilities, GoodNoon will help you reach the top social media celebrities according to the ICOs niche.

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