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AvailCom (ZCN) – ICO Marketing PR Rating

Availcom - ICO

AvailCom ICO



3/5 Marketing

1/5 PR

Marketing & PR Review

AvailCom is a platform that will speed up the search and leasing of any property, whether it is an apartment or a car, and also will eliminate a lot of client’s intermediate actions. The rental market turnover reaches $200 bln per year, but the ways of renting property remain at a low level. Blockchain platform will allow any guest to negotiate and rent property free from the owner without bureaucratic delays thanks to the created eco-environment. The owner, in his turn, will be confident in protecting his property.


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PR and credibility Score: 1/5

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The AvailCom project has a very poor marketing base – with 401 backlinks regarding SEO metrics – they do not seem to involve PR management beside ICOS rating platforms. In Social media – they do not have the same level of interaction and visibility as other ICO developers.

With a domain authority of 25/100 – a relatively low score considered that ICO websites are normally newly built and domains have a short history – the site has started developing 240 backlinks in the past 4 months. The bounce rate for AvailCom is above 70% with an average time of 2:18 minutes on the site, visitors don´t seem to be interested in a specific type of content and the site shows no regular activity. From a PR standpoint, it does not apply any publications in high authority pages nor social media strategies.

As already mentioned in the overall analysis of the project, the marketing plan has not been implemented consistently, particularly regarding SEO and PR involvement. The AvailCom Invest project has not enough backlinks for a good domain metric as the site doesn’t seem to be SEO optimized. By looking at the traffic sources, we see that referral traffic leads the website and the Alexa ranking seems stable in the last month. In Social media – they do not have the same level of interaction and visibility as other ICO developers.

The work score for PR is only 1 out of 5 for this project. The site reports no organic interest from journalists or users. Also, there are not meaningful publications mentioning this project to provide strong credibility. By looking at the backlinks report, we do not see publications in high authority domains in AvailCom.

In the case of AvailCom, we have not seen current running ads data on this section provided by a visual presence on the Google’s Display Network.

Zichain has a good presence on Twitter with 6.328 followers, they post content once a day and do not have the same level of interaction as other ICO´s.

When it comes to Facebook, besides not being able to run ads promoting the ICO due to regulations they have 326  followers where they exhibit their latest news and updates to their community with no level of interaction.

They have created a Reddit with 38 subscribers and a Medium platform with more than 20 publications, although, they have not dedicated enough time to these social platforms.

It is recommended that the selection of the best marketing plan according to their goals for the campaign, set the price for these services making sure that is a secure transaction with significant advertising possibilities, GoodNoon will help you reach the top social media channels according to the ICOs niche.

Involve Facebook in Social Media strategies.
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